Puerto Chicama – The legendary surfers paradise

Each country that has a coastline also has this small place, this legend that only connoisseurs until finally it opens up to the world. For Peru, this is a coastal city called Chicama (or Puerto Malabrigo) on the north coast.

Inside, surfboards were found dating back to the 1920s, but it was not until 1965 that Chicama was discovered as a surfing spot.

Strandtipp Peru: Puerto Chicama – Das legendäre Surferparadies

Thanks to Chuck Shipman, a Hawaiian surfer who discovered Chicama flying back from a surfing championship, and with the help of his Peruvian friends, went in search of the place. Today Chicama is an absolute legend among surfers, because the stretch of coast offers unique surfing pleasure with eternally long waves.

What can we do here?

Surf, surf, surf with the longest wave in the world

Surfing! Seriously, whoever comes to Chicama just has to try on the surfboard. Or the kiteboard. On any board in the water in any case! Chicama has not earned its reputation as one of the best surf spots in the world for nothing. Due to the extraordinary conditions of the wind and the shape of the coast, this is one of the longest waves in the world, which has already been mounted successfully. Incredible 2.2 kilometers should have taken the trip in the waves, the most famous wave in Australia, for example, brings in comparison, only to almost two kilometers.

The entire length of the beach stretches for more than 4 kilometers, but is broken by several waves, so it has not been successful yet in the total length.

Of course, nowadays there is also a wide variety of restaurants, bars and small shops, as well as numerous accommodations in Chicama. If you want to do something, you can not avoid traveling to Trujillo, just over 95 kilometers away. From there, you can start trips to the surrounding ruins, such as the Pyramid of the Moon.

When is the best time to visit?

Even though the Peruvian summer falls in our winter months and therefore is high season from December to March, the Chicama rules are slightly different. The perfect time to surf is Easter, the week before Easter. Then the wind is perfect and the beach is full of surfers trying to ride the long wave. Since then, the season is for surfers, which usually ends in September, once the big storms are approaching. Since at this time the water can be quite cold (17 – 22 ° Celsius with outside temperatures of 15 – 28 ° Celsius), it is recommended to bring a wet suit in your luggage.

There are some accommodations in Chicama where you can relax after the day on the water. Like Los Delfines, which offers a pool, restaurant and lounge, as well as Internet access, and just under € 55 a night.

How do you get there?

Chicama is located about 560 kilometers north of the capital of Peru, Lima, and there are daily buses to Paijan, 15 km away. If you want to travel by plane, you have to fly to Trujillo (it costs around $ 80) and from there about an hour and a half by bus to Chicama. Most bus companies have ample space for surf equipment with a board and other accessories.


Region La Libertad
Province of Ascope
Population: 15500
Area: 897 km²

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