Tours in Lima & Peru: Experience & see a lot in a short time

The proud, vibrant and culturally rich capital Lima is the starting point for most round trips in Peru. The location at the foot of the Andes is very attractive in itself, especially as the Pacific coast is only separated by cliffs. Directly behind it, holidaymakers who are hungry for relaxation will find beaches that tempt them to relax. In this respect, this start and end point of unforgettable holidays in South America has a special meaning: Lima will not disappoint you – look forward to exciting discoveries with great motifs for your photo album! Especially pleasant with a view of extended tours in Lima is the fact that, thanks to the cool Humboldt Current, even in the summer months, it rarely gets much warmer than 25 degrees.

Private Lima Overview – A Focus on Culture

Private Lima Overview - A Focus on Culture

If you are looking for an itinerary that covers all of Lima’s main attractions in just one day, but you can do without the museums, then look no further! This full-day tour offers you the very best Lima has to offer with a focus primarily on the culture, gastronomy and people of Lima. With a mix of the must sees, along with off the beaten path stops, this private tour leaves you with a complete overview of five distinctly different districts throughout Lima. Tour with us, and get to know the colorful, flavorful and fun side of this amazing city!

Lima Must-See Landmarks

Lima Must-See Landmarks

On this half-day, small-group tour you will visit the most important landmarks of the city of Lima including “Huaca Huallamarca,” a pre-Inca adobe pyramid. You will also visit Larco Museum, try a delicious desert at Cafe del Museo, and visit historical downtown Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Observe the change of guards at the Government Palace and admire Convento de Santo Domingo. This 4.5-hour tour includes entrance fees, a snack, hotel pickup and drop-off and a professional guide.

Lima Sightseeing Private Tour

 Lima Sightseeing Private Tour

Private tour in Lima that shows you the colonial and modern look of the city of Lima. Discover the best experience exploring Miraflores, San Isidro and Lima Historical Center. A short but great introduction to Lima for first-time visitors.

Tours in Lima: Experience Cultural Diversity in a Short Time

It is in the nature of things that adventurous holidaymakers in Lima want to experience as much as possible in a short time. Especially if the capital is only an intermediate stage before exploring the scenic beauty of Peru. Lima City tours will bring you closer to the whole variety of the lively metropolis. Especially in the historical part of the city you will have the feeling to experience history up close. Walk in the footsteps of Lima’s proud history and feel set back in time by a few centuries. A little later you can take tours in Lima into a world of contrasts when you visit modern districts with impressive architecture.

Tips for individual travel planning in Peru (Lima)

Here you can get a first overview of Lima City tours. Later, you will have the opportunity to plan your holidays with selected day tours and awaken pure anticipation for a new world that will take you away from the stressful daily routine…

Tours in Lima: the perfect start for a varied round trip

Which place would be better suited for a start into unforgettable holidays than Lima, the royal city with an eventful history? With over 9 million inhabitants and a multi-faceted appearance, Lima will captivate you from the very beginning. Lima City Tours offer you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the rich cultural heritage and the hustle and bustle of the streets. You will soon notice that life in this metropolis is pulsating at any time of the day.

Touren in Lima

Miraflores – Attractions in Lima

Miraflores - Attraktionen in Lima

The elegant beachfront suburb of Miraflores is one of the most sought after residential areas in Lima. Here you will find Lima’s best restaurants, shops

Cathedral of Lima

Catedral de Lima

The baroque cathedral of Lima with its two towers dominates the centrally located Plaza de Armas. The splendid colonial design of the cathedral has an effect of

Jiron de la Union

Jiron de la Union

The most lively and colourful street in the centre of Lima is the pedestrian zone Jiron de la Union. It is dominated by boutiques and shops



Lima’s most artistic quarter, the lively coastal Barranco, first became famous towards the end of the 19th century.

Lima City Tours between Tradition and Modernity

Above all, however, the historical roots, dating back to the 16th century, will provide lasting impressions. But apart from the omnipresent and partly very well preserved traces of the Spanish colonialists, tours in Lima will also take you into the modern age, which presents itself in the form of skyscrapers and shopping centres. It is precisely this contrast between tradition and modernity that gives Lima City Tours a very special flair. Find your most beautiful place in Lima and enjoy the South American joie de vivre up close!

The historical centre as the heart of the tours through Lima

The centre of the imposing old town of Lima is the Plaza Mayor. This is the traditional starting point for most Lima City tours. Strolling along the magnificent mansions and the imposing presidential palace, you will quickly understand why UNESCO has declared this part of Lima a World Heritage Site. The catacombs under the San Francisco Monastery, where a system of branched underground passages makes some 70 historical burial sites accessible, offer a completely different perspective.

Tours in Lima are characterized by diversity in every respect

True to this motto, it will certainly not be boring, because you will immerse yourself in a new world that is wonderfully different and refreshing in many places. In the different neighbourhoods the history can be traced up to the present.

Architecture enthusiasts will get their money’s worth in the course of a Lima City Tour, as it passes numerous historical buildings in the style of the Inca or colonial times. In this respect, the famous Parque del Amor is a lively contrast, as it was built in the style of the famous architect Gaudís. The numerous churches and shrines testify to how deeply the faith is still rooted in Peru. Take advantage of these quiet and devout places to stop for a moment on eventful tours in Lima. A highlight that should not be missing in Lima City Tours is the cathedral located at the Plaza de Armas. Here you will find the legendary tomb of the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. Among the cultural diversity that you can enjoy on the outskirts or during tours in Lima are the many museums. A special charisma is exerted by the National Museum. The multifaceted museums offer authentic insights into the eventful history of this proud royal city from a wide variety of perspectives.

Tours through Lima take you into a lovable culture…

…but it’s best if you get your own impression of it on site. Even if for one or the other the hustle and bustle in the big city seems to need getting used to at first, the hospitality and modesty of the Peruvians will quickly have an infectious effect on you. Use tours in Lima to get in touch with the world-famous street food. At many (often mobile) stalls you will have the opportunity to enjoy local delicacies in tasty freshness.

Sightseeing in Lima