The Xtreme Park in Chorrillos: Lima’s first fun park

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Why is Peru traveling? Some want to spend their vacations in the Andes or by the sea, others come to the country to be amazed by the ancient cultures of South America, wander around Machu Picchu, see reed boats on Lake Titicaca and experience the history of the country in a variety of museums.

Also for trips to Lima and other cities, they come into question. And what does it say that you can not have fun? Nothing. Especially if you travel with the family, have children with you or just have fun with the activities. The right place for such an adventure is the Xtreme Park in Chorrillos. It offers variety for children and teenagers, but adults also get their fun. Even a corner for the little ones is available.

The Xtreme Park offer

The area, known as Xtreme Park, spans more than 20,000 square meters. But what is behind the name? In fact, not everything is extreme in Xtreme Park.

It can even be very silent. There is, for example, a miniature golf course, which requires less physical fitness than concentration, in the Snookball they play billiards with their feet. The motorcycle or quad bike is especially popular with young people, the paintball station is just for those who do not fear a bit of color.

Or have you always wanted to climb a climbing wall and never found time to do it at home? This is possible in the Xtreme Park in Chorrillos. You can relax and have lunch in the cafeteria, or just wait there while your children go further.

The Xtreme Park offers a variety of activities without being overwhelmed. Who suffers from fear of heights, may not be in ropes in the air, but with the air rifle shoot some memories or play a game of foosball.

In the corner of the baby, parents can participate in stimulation exercises with their younger offspring. The entrance to Xtreme Park costs 49 soles per day. If you use time well, you will see that this price is not too high. An additional option is the Xtreme Circuit, where teenagers compete in different disciplines against other participants. And do not forget: No matter what you do at Xtreme Park, fun is always in the foreground!

Xtreme Park Chorrillos

Av. Miramar, Chorrillos
Opening hours:
Fr. 09:00-20:00
Sa., So. 11:00-19:00

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