The airport Tingo Maria – small but nice

  • Tingo Maria Airport

    The airport Tingo Maria – small but nice

The plane flies over the wooded hills before approaching a plane through which a river runs. Nothing but nature, suddenly a runway on the river bank, a small group of buildings, behind the city. You enter a low white building and you have arrived. This is Tingo Maria with its airport.

Although it is very central, it can hardly be more idyllic, and the trip shows the beauty that awaits visitors after the landing: the jungle, the mountains and the city in the middle. Behind Tingo María stands the landmark of the city, a chain of hills called La Bella Durmiente also known as “Sleeping Beauty”. Now that you are in the Huánuco region, Tingo María is the largest city with more than 63,000 inhabitants. The river, on the west bank on which the runway is located, is the Huallaga. Although Tingo Maria is so remote, the airport exists since 1944.

Destinations and airlines

Tingo Maria is a small airport and is served by a single airline. LC Peru connects the wild region of Huánuco and Tingo María with Lima. Otherwise, the airport is used by the military. The flight from Lima lasts just over an hour and costs between 65 and 100 US dollars.

Although the flight is a bit more expensive than a $ 27 bus ride, it’s worth it. Because the road is not very far compared to the bus trip (it takes about twelve hours), the inhabitants of Lima and foreigners visit Tingo María to relax and make trips to the jungle. Because this is the small town particularly suitable. Climbing excursions and excursions to caves, waterfalls and small blue lakes can be done. Especially the Tingo María National Park and the El Milagro Lagoon are popular destinations. In the city, which is richly planted, you can visit the Botanical Garden, the Museum of Zoology, beautiful squares and restaurants.

From the airport to the city

The airport and part of Tingo Maria are located on the west side of the Huallaga River, the center of the city with most of the hotels and the guest house on the east side. The airport is almost integrated into the city, it is not a problem, with a taxi to get to the center, the handling is not long and it is very convenient. However, always ask about the price.

Tingo Maria Airport

Height: 613 m
Founding: 1944
09° 17’ 22.8’’ Lat. S 76º 00’ 18.2’’ Long. W
Runway: 2100 m
Passenger terminal: 1080
Main hall: 189,90 m²
Airport code: TGI

Tingo Maria Airport

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