The Teatro Municipal – Limas Cultural Heart

Acoustic and visual enjoyment: The Municipal Theater in Lima

  • Teatro Municipal

    The Teatro Municipal – Limas Cultural Heart

A theater can be visited for different reasons. On the one hand, of course, to see performances or concerts. The second reason is the building itself. The famous theaters are lodged mainly in structures of high architectural value.

The Municipal Theater is located in the historic center of Lima, a few blocks west of the Plaza Mayor. This makes it relatively easy to arrive as part of a walk through the old town.

The construction of the building began in 1950. The building was opened in 1920, the first opera that was held there was Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. A dark point in the history of the theater is the fire in 1998, which largely destroyed the interiors. Fortunately, the structure was saved, but it took twelve years for the city administration to decide on a renovation.

Today, the theater is completely restored and ready to host the best theatrical performances, operas and concerts in Lima. Then, if you come to Lima, stop by the Municipal Theater and discover what it has to offer.

The Teatro Municipal today

Many big cities in the world are proud of their theaters or concert halls. Lima is not an exception in this regard. In addition, everyone knows that South Americans love music and dance.

The Municipal Theater covers this need for cultural diversity. In addition to classical works from Europe, concerts of local artists are organized to attract the people of Lima.

But, of course, they also offer an interesting program for travelers who spontaneously decide on a cultural experience. The Theater is also known for its ballet performances.

But not only the good acoustics of the building inspires pleasure, architecture and furniture. They reflect the design of the 20s of the last century, because with the restoration after the fire, efforts were made to restore the Municipal Theater to the original designs.

The result is a magnificent hall with gold ornaments on the walls and columns, a sumptuous hall of mirrors and rows of old-fashioned red cloth seats and balustrades and richly decorated ceilings in the main hall, but everything is new. A stained glass window was reconstructed with the help of a 1925 photo, a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Incidentally, the restoration was not an easy task. Because today only a few craftsmen have the knowledge needed to carry out stucco and woodwork true to the original. As part of the renovation, the neoclassical facade of the building was also cleaned. A visit to the Teatro Municipal is for you a pleasure not only for the ear, but also for the eye.

Teatro Municipal

Address: Jirón Ica 377, Cercado de Lima

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