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La Granja Villa: only for children. Certainly not!

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  • La Granja Villa in Chorillos

When traveling with the family, it is also important that the whole family enjoy the trip. There is a need for variety: museum fanatics can go to places where testimonies of cultures or eras are collected, lovers of religious architecture will want to visit any church that is on the way.

But what can be done to make sure that children in Lima have fun and do not start complaining? The solution is the La Granja Villa playground in Chorillos. And even though you may be skeptical at first, even as an adult you will have a good day there.

Farm for pets, aquariums and birds

Children like animals. In any case, almost all children. The interactive zoo of La Granja Villa offers a glimpse of Peruvian wildlife, in which, of course, well-known animals are represented in Europe. There are goats curiously stretching their heads on the fence, horses, cows and sheep that want to be fed.

Piranhas swim in the aquarium, they are good for an interesting story. And be careful not to be spat out by the flames in the fence!

In the aviary, you walk among the trees, among whose branches the parrots sit. A small waterfall provides moisture and a pleasant background noise, on the ground chirping white chickens. It is also interesting chicken house that is separated, from where you can see the chicks born with a bit of luck.

The amusement park: water slides, horror cabinet and much more

With the zoo, the visit to La Granja Villa is not over yet. The highlight, especially in hot climates, is the shallow pool, where children glide through the fresh water with small wheeled boats.

The roller coaster is an experience for the whole family. And for children a little older, there is even a closet of terror. The beauty of this amusement park is that, as an adult, it discovers a side in one that is generally neglected in the responsible daily life: the playful side.

As a “children’s park” or not, the pool with artificially generated waves or the 125-meter-long water slide, which is driven down on an air mattress, do you want to experiment as a father but also yourself, or not? Bathing suits for the whole family must be packed, so be sure.

La Granja Villa

Alameda Del Premio Real 397, Chorrillos
Opening hours:
Dienstag – Sonntag: 10:00 – 18:00

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