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    Planetario Morro Solar
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A district that has been popular among the population of Lima for centuries is Chorrillos. The district is located on the coast and has been a popular spa since colonial times. Even today, residents of Lima and, of course, foreign visitors like to come there. Because Chorrillos is characterized by a distinctive promontory, called Morro Solar, which offers a wonderful view of the Pacific.

On the bare slope, which descends steeply towards the sea, several interesting architectural structures come together: First, there is a steel structure in the form of a cross, illuminated at night and visible from afar: the Pope’s Cross. On the other hand, the Christ of Pacifico, a statue of Christ, aesthetically inspired by the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

But not only as a lookout is the Morro Solar popular. Because of its remote location, it is also the right place for a special Attraktion, which seems to grow out of the earth like a half planet: the planetarium, officially called Museo Planetario y Observatorio del Morro Solar. Sky observation is best possible if it takes place outside the light pollution of the big cities. Although Chorrillos is integrated into the city of Lima, but over the Pacific extends a free area that allows the exploration of the stars. Visit the Planetario Morro Solar and embark on a journey through space.

The planetarium and the past of Chorrillos

After the Planetary Museum and the Morro Solar Observatory was renovated in 2010, visitors, students and school classes are often found. In addition to the great architecture inspired by the planets, there are many things in the circular building that invite you to join and visit.

In the vaulted ceiling of the planetarium, the sky is projected with its planets and stars, the videos introduce the movement of the celestial bodies, there are planetary models to see. The museum shows old and new equipment to observe the stars, photographs and space objects, as well as geological and fossil samples, as well as archaeological finds of the area, since, like many buildings, the planetarium is erected in a varied place of cultures. Hispanics where they settled, including the Ichma culture and the Incas.

The relics of the saltpeter war found at Morro Solar can also be found in the museum. Therefore, the Morro Solar Planetarium is not a pure research institute dedicated to the phenomena of the sky, but a place that represents the whole historical and geological range of Chorrillos. For visitors, the planetarium is open on Sundays starting at 11:30.

Planetario Morro Solar

Morro Solar, Cima del Morro Solar, Chorrillos
Opening hours:
Sonntag 11:30 – 13:00

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