The Parque Reducto No 2 in Miraflores – History and Recreation

Where do the parks get their name? Some are named after archaeological findings, others bear the names of buildings. The Reducto No 2 park, located in Miraflores, an affluent district of Lima, was named after the second of the five forts on this site, and of which 1881 troops under General Andrés Avelino Cáceres Lima were to protect them from the Chilean army.

Lima’s troops were poorly equipped, it was a tough fight, Lima lost. The park is dedicated to these fighters. The park facilities are designed to be colorful and architecturally attractive. The lawns alternate with borders of flowers, the pavilions invite you to stay. Therefore, this park is a place where you can walk in a pleasant environment. However, the memory of the saltpeter war also occupies a large space, the various monuments were integrated into the landscaping in a reflexive way on the plantation.

Memories of the saltpetre war

The park, with its historical memory, has some views that point to Peru’s past. There is a monument that remembers the fight. It is located in the middle of the park. Also statues and busts remind the heroes of this era. On the other hand, there are smaller houses and a museum in the park dedicated to General Andrés Avelino Cácares. It is located in a replica of the old Miraflores train station.

The original station was demolished to make way for a highway, but the version in the park intends to remember even more the importance of the station. Opposite the museum is an old steam locomotive, which in times past brought passengers from Lima to Miraflores and Chorrillos to the sea when the city had not yet reached its current size.

Organically grown foods in Parque Reducto No 2

If you are interested in organically grown vegetables during your visit to Lima, Saturday’s Redoubt No 2 Park is the place for you. Then, behind the park, the so-called “Bioferia” takes place. The market consists of a series of stalls where local farmers offer their products presented with love: vegetables, fruits, cheese, milk and bread. Why not go for a snack and then sit in the park on a lawn under the trees and enjoy the good weather?

Parque Reducto No 2

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