The Palacio Torre Tagle: one of the most representative building in Lima

The old Lima is very varied in its colonial splendor. There are some buildings that really come from the beginning, those that have been in the same place for centuries, but that have changed, and those that are not that old. The latter includes the Torre Tagle Palace. He was commissioned by the Marquis of Torre Tagle, as evidenced by the coat of arms on the entrance door. The Marquis was treasurer of the Spanish fleet and wanted a residential building that would adapt to its position. The building dates from 1735 and miraculously survived the worst earthquakes. Therefore, today it is conserved as one of the most representative buildings of Lima.

Architectural style mix in the highest perfection

It is difficult to say what stands out first when you approach the palace. It is flanked by much less imposing buildings, which makes it stand out clearly. Is it the pink color of the facade? Or are the huge wooden balconies that stand on the sidewalk? It is said that these balconies are the most beautiful limes. It can not be argued that they have a particular richness of detail. There are filigree decorations in different types of wood, blinds with wooden bars, the beams that support the balconies are decorated with carvings. Between the balconies, a huge baroque stone portal with a white cap framed the entrance door. The many ornaments on the facade only become clear on closer inspection, and from a distance, the building looks particularly massive. And impressive, because in this building, the colonial carpenter and the carpenter with North African influence have come together to form a general image that represents the wealth and social status of an important family. Very different is the patio, which was executed in Sevillian style. The galleries flooded with light give lightness to the open space towards the sky. When looking at the building, the visitor involuntarily imagines the rich citizens watching from the balconies to the street or stopping in the protected courtyard in the shadow of the arches of the gallery.

The Palacio Torre Tagle today

Today, the Torre Tagle Palace is the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In fact, construction is relatively difficult to access for visitors. It is possible to visit the magnificent interiors, furnished with 18th century furniture, by appointment only or as part of a special tour. The effort is worth it, however. The palace has 14 rooms and a chapel with a baroque altar. Paintings from the Torre Tagle family adorn the walls, crystal chandeliers, mirrors and gold ornaments on the high ceilings complete the magnificent image. The color scheme of the interiors bears witness to taste and an eye for aesthetics. The walls painted yellow, whose lower part is decorated with tiles in various shades of blue, are particularly successful. This color combination can often be found in Lima. In one of the blue and yellow rooms is the coach of the Marquis de Torre Tagle.

Palacio Torre Tagle

Palacio Torre Tagle innen

Palacio Torre Tagle Hof

Palacio Torre Tagle

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