The Museo de la Electricidad: Peru’s History of Electricity

Small but instructive: The Electricity Museum in Lima

Lima has many museums. Some of them are dedicated to the cultural heritage of the country, the cultures of the Incas and other peoples who lived before the arrival of the Spanish to Peru, others exhibit works of art.

A completely different topic, that is, technical progress, is found in the Museum of Electricity. The Museum of Electricity of Lima is located in the district of Barranco. Anyone who is interested in technology and at the same time likes not only to look at things, but also to be active, will not want to miss a visit to this museum.

In addition, the museum reminds the visitor of the peculiarities of a very common thing: after all, electricity is something that is taken for granted, and we rarely worry about the fact that the electricity supply in earlier times and even today is connected with an enormous effort The museum shows the history of electricity in Peru and especially in Lima, allowing visitors to interact in interactive spaces. The educational exhibition also offers a lot of variety and has a high pedagogical value for children. In addition, cultural events take place in the museum, which show the exhibits from a completely different perspective.

Historical and modern exhibits in the Museo de la Electricidad

The museum offers thematic exhibitions and arranged chronologically in different rooms. There is a paddle wheel in the yard, which clearly shows how water is used to generate electricity. The history of electricity during the colonial period and the development of electricity in Lima are presented in a room. For example, Lima used to have a well-developed electric tram network. One of the last wagons is located in front of the museum and it is a short distance away.

Other rooms show all kinds of appliances that used to generate electricity in the past, but of course it is also interesting to know how electricity works today, how much electricity each unit consumes and how it is possible to save electricity. The room with old appliances also makes the difference between modern technology clear: while today’s devices are small and light, old telephones, radios or televisions sometimes had enormous proportions. In another room, visitors can sit on a bicycle and generate electricity themselves, or marvel at the electrostatic attraction of a Van de Graaf generator.

Museo de la Electricidad

Addrese: Av., Pedro de Osma 105, Barranco – opening hours: Mo.- Su. 09:00–17:00 – More Information

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