The Museo de Arte Italiano – Valuable gift for the 100th year of independence

Italian Art in Peru: The Museo de Arte Italiano

  • Museo de Arte Italiano

    The Museo de Arte Italiano – Valuable gift for the 100th year of independence

Italian art in Peru? Why not. As in many large cities, Lima has groups of other nationalities. The Italians form the second largest population group of immigrants.

The Italian Art Museum emerged when the rich Italian community gave Peru an art collection with buildings for the 100th Independence Day. That was in 1921. However, the museum building had to be built first. It was decided to build a neo-Renaissance style building.

This is not a coincidence, of course, because it is considered that Italy is the cradle of the Renaissance, an era that produced a lot of works of art highly valued to this day. With its various shields on the facade, the building reminds both Peruvians and Italians of the time. In 1923 the museum was opened.

By the way, it is the only museum in Lima that is dedicated in this measure to European culture. The museum is bounded on the north by the Exhibition Park, an exhibition site that is the counterpart of the international aspect of the Italian Art Museum, namely the Mali Museum of Art, which focuses on the art of Peru. Take a small trip abroad and the art of Italy during your visit to Lima.

The most outstanding artists in Italy

Among the exhibitions of the Italian Art Museum are bronze and marble sculptures, paintings and ceramics. But much of the exhibition is dedicated to Italian art of the twentieth century. If their protagonists are much less internationally known, they are by no means inferior to their colleagues in the 15th and 16th centuries.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum thematically hosts different traveling exhibitions on Italian art. There is also an extensive library of works of art in Italy.

Even an architectural work of art

Michelangelo, Botticelli, Donatello: these are famous names. It is not surprising then that his influence reached Lima and the creators of the Italian Art Museum were inspired by them. Art was interdisciplinary at the time of the Renaissance. Some of the most famous artists were architects.

Without the knowledge of anatomy, statics and design, the outstanding sculptures, paintings and structures that we still admire today would not have been created.

The museum building, designed by the Milanese architect Gaetano Moretti, can be described as a work of art. It is surrounded by a well-kept garden, which invites you to take a walk through the building and gives the building a certain grandeur from a distance. Mosaics were placed on the façade of the museum building, a stained glass window depicting a scene reminiscent of Sandro Botticelli’s “Primavera”.

Museo de Arte Italiano

Av Paseo de la República 250, Cercado de Lima
Opening Hour: Mo. – So. 10:00 – 16:30

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