The Kennedy Park in Miraflores – the modern site of Lima

Almost all visitors to Lima arrive in the district of Miraflores. This is partly because it reflects the modern era in Lima, in contrast to the central historical city, which, of course, with its buildings from the colonial era also belongs to tourist destinations. What makes Miraflores so popular is the location. The district is located on the sea. In addition, Miraflores is one of the richest districts of Lima, which can be seen in the wide streets and green areas. In this district, it is said, it is the most popular among locals and visitors such as Lima Square: Kennedy Park. Named after the president of the United States UU., J. F. Kennedy, this square, together with the Central Park, is a large area to walk, relax and converse. This is guaranteed by the many gardens, trees and flowers, as well as the walks and banks.

Sights in and around the park

The park is framed by some important buildings. These include the administration of the Miraflores district and the Virgen Milagrosa Catholic Church, which was built in 1939. Its light gray facade rises directly in the park. The church is famous for its large stained glass windows and stained glass windows that represent the life of Christ. The altar area is held in a bluish light, which gives the church a mysterious atmosphere. The white vaults and the pillars, on the other hand, give the interior an unusual luminosity and brightness, in which the light that enters through the colored windows is particularly impressive. In the park itself is the Chabuca Grande Amphitheater. It owes its name to the singer Chabuca Grande, who defended the cultural mix and acceptance of the diverse cultures that live in Peru. The amphitheater is the site of cultural activities by lesser-known artists and bands who otherwise do not necessarily have the opportunity to perform. When there is no event in the amphitheater, teens and students are on the steps to chat. The park sells typical Peruvian snacks and sweets at the stands. In the afternoon and on weekends, artisans and painters will visit the trails of the park, exhibiting and selling their products. In the vicinity of the park there are restaurants and cafés.

Calle de las Pizzas at Parque Kennedy

Miraflores and the surrounding area of the park offer to enjoy the nightlife in Lima. It is also one of the safest areas in the city. When crossing the road that limits the park on the west side, an alley opens, Calle de las Pizzas. It gets its name from the many pizzerias that have been established there. The road is closed to cars, a rare phenomenon in Lima. But this is what makes it the ideal place to stroll, visit the bars and cafes, and simply enjoy a drink or two at night without the noise of the street. If you do not want pizza, but try the specialties of the country, you can also find Peruvian restaurants on Calle de las Pizzas. Of course, there is also music in the clubs, which are also based on this street, as well as on rock and pop, typical South American rhythms like salsa and cumbia. Kennedy Park and its surroundings are pure Peru, a must for all travelers.

Kennedy Park

Address: Diagonal, Miraflores Lima

Kennedy Park

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