The hunting reserve Pantanos de Villa

Environmental protection in the big city

Pantanos de Villa is a wildlife sanctuary located on the outskirts of Lima in Chorrillos. It still belongs to the urban area and therefore represents a unique contrast to the incorporated area.

The wetland has an autonomous ecosystem that is very different from its surroundings. Already in 1977, the value of the area was recognized and put under protection.

The municipality is making every effort to preserve the Villa Marshes despite the damaging environmental impact and construction projects. It is a difficult task, which the authorities still dominate, but also to enrich the lives of the inhabitants of Lima. Because the area is not just a protected habitat for animals. It is an effective means of protection against floods and is also a popular resource for the population of Lima. To protect this unique place, the PROHVILLA organization was established.

Ecological feature of Pantanos de Villa

Lima is located in the fertile valley of the Rímac River, which made possible the settlements and the foundation of the city in the first place. In spite of everything, the area is quite dry. Pantanos de Villa is, therefore, an exception, since the area is formed by small lakes and wetlands.

It is home to more than 200 species of birds. The area is fed by several sources. It consists partly of freshwater lakes, but saltwater lagoons have formed on the seaward side.

This mixture of salt and fresh water leads to the great variety of herbs, cane species and creatures. Herons, ducks and rare waterfowl find in Pantanos de Villa a great variety of foods and hidden places to nest and breed. Also the fish and insects of salt and fresh water have settled in the reserve.

Activities in Pantanos de Villa

If you want to recover from cultural activities in the hectic capital, it is best to drive to Pantanos de Villa. It is possible to visit the reserve individually or as part of a guided tour.

Boat trips through the waters of the Pantanos de Villa are very popular. Anyone who is interested in birds gets closer to them. In addition, there is nothing more relaxing than spending some quiet hours in the water, listening to the gentle splash of the waves and occasional bird calls.

For the walkers there are special forms available, which were designed so that the birds can be observed from the points of view, but not disturbed.

Pantanos de Villa

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