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Forgotten testimony of the culture of Lima

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    The Huaca La Molina

What is a Huaca? During the planning of the visit to Lima, but at the latest on the site, you will meet her again and again, get the suggestion to see one or the other. In fact, there are many of these “ceremonies” in Lima, that’s the best way to translate the word.

They had different functions at the time they were inhabited, the ceremonies were carried out in some, others served as cemeteries, and many changed their inhabitants over the centuries, that is, they were built by one people, by another Conquered, etc. And while they used to be scattered throughout the Rimac Valley, today they are in the middle of the city of Lima, surrounded by modern buildings.

Some were discovered late and not always maintained. Many Huacas were destroyed because the inhabitants of Lima did not recognize the value of these historic buildings and considered them as the source of cheap building materials. In addition, the Huaca Melgarejo arrived late, in 2002 it was added to the list of places worth protecting.

It is located in the district of La Molina, east of the central city. As its name used to be, you do not know that it got its current name from the old property of the Melgarejo family. The Huaca was built between 300 and 600 AD by the Lima culture, a culture that, as the name suggests, in the area where Lima is today.

The peculiarities of the Huaca Melgarejo

At the beginning, the Huaca Melgarejo was used as a place for ceremonies, later as a cemetery. What is visible is a stepped platform, ramps, low walls previously painted. Due to its size, it can be assumed that it was a very important place, which also served as an administrative center.

The path that visitors can take leads through the various parts of the structure. Admission is free. Especially for students who want to examine the structures of old buildings, this is an advantage.

In addition, the population of La Molina likes to stay in the green spaces around the Huaca. Right next to the Huaca are playgrounds and an amphitheater, where small events occasionally occur and where people meet to chat. A disadvantage of the fact that the Huaca Melgarejo is not yet restored and is freely accessible, therefore, it is equally visible: it is not in the best conditions. For a long time, not all the pieces are protected, so the actions are organized again and again to eliminate the garbage or eliminate the graffiti on some of the walls.

Huaca Melgarejo

Av. la Fontana, La Molina

Opening hours:
Mo. – So. 08:00 – 23:00


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