The Huaca Huallamarca in Lima

Pre-Hispanic cultures in modern Lima

  • The Huaca Huallamarca in Lima

    The Huaca Huallamarca in Lima

The district of San Isidro is one of the most modern and rich districts of Lima. The more you are surprised, you will be gathering a testimony of the oldest cultures of Peru there. Surrounded by large streets and contemporary buildings stands the Huaca Huallamarca step pyramid.

The place was built and used by several pre-Hispanic cultures. Its beginnings reach 200 v.Chr. back. Throughout the centuries, the Lima culture, the Ychma, Chancay and, for a short time, the Incas have been active there for a short time. The name of Huallamarca refers to the tribe of the Huallas, who lived before the arrival of the Incas in the fertile valley of the Rímac River, which later became the capital of Peru.

The archaeological site Huaca Huallamarca

In the middle of the 20th century, the pyramid was restored and preserved for future generations. It was discovered that the pyramid had different functions during the different periods of colonization. First served as the center where the ceremonies were held. Under the culture of Lima, the Ychma and the Chancay the area was used, among other things, as a cemetery. It is believed that the site was abandoned as a ceremonial site, because not far from the Huaca Pucllana assumed this function.

The restored pyramid is to show the style of time. However, it is quite true that the pyramid originally looked slightly different and did not have the ramp that leads today. In spite of everything, the place is impressive, it reminds us that the ancient cultures had construction techniques and agricultural knowledge that fell into oblivion after the conquest of Peru by the Spaniards. Certain original elements were also discovered and preserved: for example, it is evident from the remains of color that the walls of the pyramid were once plastered with a layer of clay and painted yellow.

The Museum of Huaca Huallamarca

On the site there is a museum that shows the non-architectural testimonies of the individual tribes. The Huaca Huallamarca museum has existed since 1960. Among the funerary objects on display are ceramics, musical instruments, tools for the production of textiles and agricultural equipment that are delivered to the dead along the way. At the same time, the objects and equipment document the traditions and skills of the disappeared pre-Inca cultures. Huaca Huallamarca is definitely an important place to discover the history of Peru.

Huaca Huallamarca

Address: Av. Nicolas de Rivera 201, San Isidro

Opening Hour: Di. – So. 09:00 – 17:00 – Website

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