The city in the jungle: Tingo Maria

Tingo Maria: La Bella Durmiente, or Sleeping Beauty in Peru

An area covered with houses, behind ‘La Bella Durmiente’ or simply: The Sleeping Beauty. The houses, that’s the city of Tingo María, La Bella Durmiente, the crest that rises behind the city. It has the outline of a sleeping woman, hence the name. Tingo Maria is located in the middle of the mountains in the jungle at the confluence of the Monzón with the Huallaga in central Peru. The city is the perfect starting point to explore the wild beauty of the Peruvian jungle, but it also has other attractions.

Attractions in Tingo Maria

Tingo María is a very green city. The jungle does not stop at the limits of the city, the streets and squares are full of trees. It is not surprising that in Tingo María you can discover things that have something to do with nature.

One of the places you should definitely visit is the Botanical Garden. It is located in the outskirts and houses about 7,500 species of plants and trees. As you walk along the paths, you will think you are in the middle of the jungle. Ferns and trees rise, birds chirp in the trees.

In the botanical garden also live some species of monkeys. If you want to know more about the flora and fauna of the area, go to the Museum of Zoology, where, in addition to mammals, reptiles and birds, especially the collection of butterflies, draws attention.

The Zoocriadero contributes to the preservation of the species. The extensive areas provide a habitat for rare animals, some illegally captured animals are brought there and then released into the wild. But if you just want to enjoy the city, Tingo María is the place for you. The Plaza de Armas is a mixture of modern architecture and gardens where people meet. Directly on the Plaza de Armas is the church of Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús, an example of the sacred architecture of the 20th century.

The charm of nature – activities around Tingo María

Finding interesting places to visit is not a problem in Tingo María and its surroundings. Many destinations can be reached quickly by bus or taxi.

Six miles from Tingo María is the Tingo María National Park. Monkeys and tapirs live among the trees and primitive plants of the forest, and birds sing in the treetops. In the rainy season, which lasts from October to April, the park is only partially accessible. Because the roads are only partially united and softened by the rain. The park is bordered by two rivers, one of which is the Huallaga, one of the largest after the Amazon. He is one of the sources of exuberant vegetation in the region.

If you are looking for a true paradise, the Lagoons of Miracles are also a worthwhile destination. A boat ride on the water makes you forget the noise of the city: the water splashes gently on the side of the boat, on the shore reflecting trees, rushes and stilt huts. Whether relaxing or active holidays, the possibilities are multiple in Tingo María.

You can also climb or walk and visit the numerous waterfalls or the mysterious owl cave, Cuevo de las Lechuzas. It consists of several caves, in the first nest parakeets, swallows and the rare fennel; Stalactites and stalagmites make strange shapes.