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The Limeños, as the inhabitants of Lima are called, are proud of the great variety of parks in their city. With more than 60,000 square meters, Campo de Marte is one of the largest, located at the northernmost point of the Jesús María district. However, its central location is not the only reason why people like it so much.

A branched network of trails leads you through the park under trees, flower borders and lawns, which earned him the nickname “Green Lungs of Lima”.

There is a small train for sightseeing, inflatable castles or a roller coaster for children and, of course, stalls where food is sold. Those who simply want to enjoy and escape the noise of the big city this is the right place for those visitors who want to see the great monuments in the park and learn more about the history of Peru. The Avenida de la Peruanidad divides the park from northeast to southwest in two parts, the main attractions are located south of the road. In the smaller part, to the north, you will find a concert space.

Attractions in Campo de Marte

In Lima, it is not uncommon for parks to be reminiscent of great historical events or people, the Campo de Marte has many monuments to offer.

For example, at the end of a large paved square is a monument that recalls the Peruvian-Ecuadorian War. This erupted because it came after the achievement of independence again and again to disputes over demarcation.

A monument that symbolizes friendship is the bridge donated by the Japanese Cultural Center to the district of Jesus Maria. Namely, many Japanese immigrants live in this district, showing the bridge of their connection with Peru for the centenary of the first Japanese arrivals.

Another monument, a pointed granite pyramid with bronze figures, is dedicated to aviation pioneer Jorge Chávez. The Peruvian-French pilot achieved fame through several record flights. His last success was as the first person in history to cross the main mountain range of the Swiss Alps. As a reminder, the Lima airport has received its name.

You will discover many more monuments and statues in the Field of Mars and you will see how many difficult but positive events Peru has survived in recent centuries.

Sports and official events

Are you more interested in sports than in history? In addition to the monuments, there are several sports fields in Campo de Marte, such as a soccer, basketball and tennis court, a skating rink and a swimming pool.

Look at the different teams that practice ball or water polo sports. But also for official occasions, such as demonstrations and rallies, the park is used. It fills with people when the annual military parade takes place in July at Campo de Marte.

The park is, as you can see, a true multipurpose park that you should not miss during your visit to Lima.

Campo de Marte

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