Teleférico de Kuélap – by cable car to the Chachapoya fortress

Karte der Seilbahn nach KuelapThe fortress Kuélap in the north of Peru is probably one of the most important historical sites from the pre-Inca period of the Chachapoyaculture throughout South America. And while today you can only get over bumpy roads by car or minibus to the fortress high above the Utcubamba river valley, this will soon change.

In August or September, the cable car to the fortress, the Teleférico de Kuélap, opens. It should be able to bring up to a thousand visitors per hour within an approximately 20-minute drive to the fortress – and thus give the tourism a powerful boost! Kuélap is a fortress that has housed 300 individual houses in its interior – and in many parts is still completely unexplored.