Surquillo: Market, parks and silversmiths

Residents of Limas are at home

The district of Surquillo has a similar shape to two triangles joined at the top, so it extends to several districts of Lima and several areas. That’s why Surquillo has commercial and residential districts. The district of Surquillo has the highest population density in Lima.

During the colonial period, members of the indigenous population of Peru, who had moved to Lima and lived there, had to find a new place in the country and work after the Spanish conquest.

Today, the middle class in Surquillo dominates, Surquillo is popular especially for young couples who want to live together before marriage. The district is gaining more and more attractions that make it interesting for tourists. This is shown, among other things, by the numerous hotels and restaurants that can be found there. If you come to Lima, you should definitely visit Surquillo, because this is where the true life of the people of Lima, the inhabitants of Lima, takes place. You can experience this in the market, but also in one of the parks or simply on the street.

incomparable variety: Market No 1

Depending on how long your trip lasts, you may also be interested in visiting the Peruvian markets. In Surquillo, on the border with Miraflores, you will find one of the most interesting and largest Limas, Mercado No 1. Here housewives come to buy, the offer of fresh fruit, vegetables, but also meat and fish is overwhelming.

Of course, if you have a kitchen and want to experience your trip to Lima, the market is interesting, but even if you’re just looking to buy and buy fresh fruit, it’s an experience. Or do you want to bring some unknown spices or teas with you? It’s all there!

There are also stalls selling products for the home and clothing outside the market, and on Sundays there is Bioferia, a market that offers organically grown products. It is difficult to appreciate in a text the special style that the visitor experiences in a market in Lima, so try it yourself.

Restaurants: the Boulevard of Gastronomy

As a guest of a country, he also wants to know the kitchen. In Surquillo, this is best done in the Boulevard de la Gastronomía. Even if you did not originally visit the area due to the rest of the places of interest, it is worth visiting this street for lunch or dinner: the restaurants serve Peruvian food from all over the country, from the sea to the Amazon and the Andes, The national dish Ceviche that you get here, as well as the chicken meat in all the variants, skewers or guinea pigs.

Peruvian cuisine has been chosen as the best in the world by the World Travel Awards several times. The Boulevard of Gastronomy is right next to the market, the Market No 1, you can combine the visit of the two places or just spend the night.

A bit of green … The Reducto Park No 5

There is not a district in Lima where there are no parks. In some there are more, in others less. Some parks are pure places of relaxation or pleasure, others have political or historical backgrounds.

The Reducto Park No. 5 belongs to the latter. In the years 1879 to 1884, the so-called saltpeter war between Chile, Peru and Bolivia was fought. The city had five fortresses, which should offer a defense to the Peruvian against the Chilean army. Where today is the fort No. 5 is the Redoubt Park No 5.

As you walk through the park, you will see testimonies of that past in the form of boards and old cannons installed in the green areas.

Other places of interest in Surquillo

While the No.1 Market in Surquillo is undoubtedly the highlight of the visit, it is also worth stopping at the street of the silversmiths, Boulevard Salaverry. There, the blacksmiths of Cusco, Huancayo and Huancavelica settled in the 1950s and now continue their trade in Lima.

In stores and galleries, you can admire a variety of jewelry made by the best craftsmen in the country. By the way, Lima is also known for its churches. In Surquillo there are several modern buildings. If you go through one, it is not wrong to discover the architectural features and take a look inside.

Surquillo district

Population:  91409
Area: 3,46 km²
Height: 140 m

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