Street art, galleries and good food – Callao Monumental discover

Artist districts have the capacity to attract a lot of visitors and are also popular with the local population. Callao Monumental is no exception in this regard.

The small district is located below the large fortress Real Filipe in Callao, which was established as a port city two years after the founding of Lima by Francisco Pizarro. Callao was lying in the shadow of Lima for a long time. Meanwhile, the two cities have grown together, who visited Lima, so it is not far, by taxi, which does not cost much at all, or by bus to take advantage of the cultural program of the neighboring city. And you should too. Because Callao not only owns a number of museums that complement the selection in Lima, there is also this gem: Callao Monumental.

Scene district Callao Monumental

It is no exaggeration to describe the quarter, which consists of only a few streets and lanes, as a trendy district in which the visitor can only feel well. For one, Callao Monumental is an important venue for the Peruvian street art scene. In other words, this place has actually become what it is because the local artists have engaged to get away from the image of the dirty port city. With success – graffiti decorate the house walls, shows take place in the streets and squares, the galleries are free. As for the galleries, most of them are housed in the Casa Ronald, a stately building that was built at the beginning of the 20th century and slowly decayed. An Israeli businessman was interested in the localities and decided to renovate the house. Today, it shines in new splendor, the high ceilings and marble pillars bear witness to the ancient times. What comes next: The art offered here is really first class! The project that revitalized Callao’s district is called FUGAZ, and it’s worth visiting what’s on offer when you visit. Also various sculptors have settled in the quarter. Anyone lucky enough to encounter one of the artists will find an interesting and open discussion partner. On the weekends, various cultural events are held in Callao Monumental. And not forgetting the designer shops that have discovered the neighborhood for themselves, and the bars and restaurants, where you can eat well, but also just chat and enjoy the flair.

Restaurants, graffiti and galleries

Restaurants, graffiti, galleries, a great attraction not only for art lovers, but for anyone who wants to discover a lively and special Callaos corner. Visiting the neighborhood is mandatory. If you want to get more information about the Monumental Callao, it is advisable that you participate in a guided tour of the district.

Callao Monumental is not just a place that attracts local artists and visitors. For the first time, the ART.MO international art festival took place in Callao in 2018, a testament to the importance of location in the international art scene.

Callao Monumental

Independencia, Callao 07021, open: Tu. – Su. 11:00 – 18:00 – More information

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