So ’tastes’ Peruvian authenticity: street food in Lima

Anyone who has ever been to Peru or the capital, Lima, can get a vivid picture of the presence of street food in this South American culture. It is no exaggeration to say that Street Food is part of the Peruvian street culture, or that sometimes mobile supports shape the street scene like no other. If you walk through the lively neighborhoods of Lima and also along the places of interest, you will quickly get the typical ‘Carritos’ (small stands) in front of the camera lens. The offer is very wide and varied, so there is a new taste experience for every European palate. In this article some highlights of the taste of street food in Lima are presented.

Skepticism vs. Curiosity: easy access to street food in Lima?

Whether fruits, fresh baked goods and fresh desserts, grilled meats, snacks like popcorn or typical regional drinks: directly in the Peruvian capital, Lima, street food is presented in its full variety and stimulating flavor. Only the view of many steps awakens curiosity. And when the aroma of the unknown delicacies rises in the nose, one or the other of the tourists will gladly stand by the line. By the way, the long lines are a test of freshness and quality. In Lima, many locals use street foods as a welcome snack in the middle. The locals know better than the street food scene can remember a long tradition. Therefore, it is not uncommon for posts to be held for generations, so recipes and secret ingredients are passed on from generation to generation. The importance of street food stalls in Peru can be seen in the fact that this issue acquires a clearly visible status in relevant fairs.

What do Peruvians say about good street food?

If you ask locals what constitutes good street food, there is always talk of the 3 B’s. In this sense, the food must be good (bueno), tastefully prepared (bonito) and beyond cheap (barato). These ‘ingredients’ should also be enjoyed by holidaymakers, and basically all the criteria themselves can be quickly understood. But the taste can only be judged when authentic Peruvian street food has really been tried. As I said: Long lines are not uncommon on the not to be overlooked Carritos and more a badge for good providers.

The arrival and the climatic conditions take their toll

Just by the presence, the variety and the scents, the temptations of street food are omnipresent, especially in Lima. However, you should always listen to your gut feeling and be a little more restrained especially in the first few days. Due to the long journey and the time change, some organisms are a little harder. In addition, the thinner air at altitude can also affect your physical well-being. If you want to complete a sporty program in Lima and the surrounding area, you should refrain from over-greasy meat due to the altitude.

Street food: this is how authentic Lima tastes

If you want to enjoy street food in Peru or, more precisely, Lima in every way, you must let yourself be carried away by temptations. The small picturesque stands are mostly thanks to the colorful self-promotion that can not be overlooked, especially because he often humiliates and smokes. And the wonderful fragrance, which often hits the nose in crowded streets, also points the way to a new taste experience.

Street food in Lima from A to Z: a little taste

At the top of the alphabet, as well as on the street food hit list, there are traditional anticuchos in Lima. The tasty meat skewers are freshly made and grilled on the street. In addition to beef hearts, beef and chicken pieces, fresh vegetables are also skewered. As a snack to go, anticuchos are wonderful, because the spit can be nibbled while running with relish. In Lima, you will quickly notice how popular Anticuchos are among the Peruvians themselves, because dozens of people often frolick around the partly large grilling grates.

Fancy corn … and a refreshment?

This vegetable plays a central role in Peruvian street food. Above all, Peruvians love their corn with cheese, corn and cheese. If you look closely at Peru, the locals discovered affectionately the ‘Mamitas’ women they apparently evoke in a large bag of fresh cooked corn. The sweet flavor is completed with a little cheese and several sauces, which can also put a little sharpness into play (for example, with the well-known chili sauce). This light snack combines beautifully with a Chicha Morada, a traditional Peruvian refreshing drink. It is a juicy drink made with corn, cloves, limes and sugar. Ice cream is a wonderful refreshment, after which you can continue well fortified to continue exploring Lima.

Like in the cinema? Popcorn as popular street food

Anyone who has spent a vacation in Peru or South America in general, will appreciate the delights of this (culturally) worthy to see that part of the land has also enriched the local diet. To name in this respect, especially tasty creations with corn, tomatoes and potatoes (sweets). So it is not surprising that in the streets of Lima there are many small stands or merchants with products that they find that sell fresh popcorn. So why not enjoy a well-known sandwich and feel like you’re at the movies? But no, what you see is a living reality and you should also enjoy this street food!

From hearty, refreshing to sweet: everything is edible on the streets of Lima

The variety of regional and fresh foods and drinks is really something for all vacationers. If you prefer sweet and crunchy, you should go to one of the most popular Picarones stands. Peruvians love this sweet seduction in the true sense of the word warm and sincere. These are rings of fried dough that at first glance recall the donuts. After frying, whose smell often awakens the curiosity of the palate from many meters away, fresh Picarones are sprinkled with a syrup. This can take different flavors depending on the tradition. By tradition, squash and / or sweet potatoes are used as the main ingredient for Picarones.

Street food: a living part of the street culture of Peru

As you can see, street food can take many forms and flavors in Lima. It’s worth trying diversity and getting new experiences. The pleasure is completed with the authentic style, which allows you, as a tourist for a short time, to share the life of the Peruvians.

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