Sights in Lima

Tour through the colonial center of Lima

If you are looking for ‘Lima Sights’, you will primarily land in the historical part of the city. The historical Lima makes history within reach and lets you participate as a visitor in an impressive atmosphere. In this respect, we will take you on a virtual tour of Lima: sights will be lined up along a short path like a string of pearls. Due to the short distances in the centre of the old town you will reach many of the sights within a few minutes on foot. In this respect it is a relaxed sightseeing program with a high entertainment and recreation factor. That is our claim in any case!

Santiago de Surco Lima

Historical Lima: Enjoy sights with historical flair

Start your exploration tour at the Plaza de San Martín: the proud equestrian statue is central and visible from afar. This South American Libertador is a symbol of Peru’s independence. But it is not only this impressive photo motif that invites you to linger. Also the surrounding green areas and the exclusive buildings provide a special flair that invites you to stay just like the numerous cafés and restaurants. A lively flair and a smile on the lips of many holidaymakers are provided by numerous artists, jugglers and dancers who provide a colourful entertainment programme every day. Festivals also make the Plaza San Martín a hot spot in Lima for young and old several times a year. Sights such as these are among the most beautiful that the royal city has to offer. You will see that Lima invests a lot of money to put the historical squares and buildings in their best light. The square has recently been beautified with new plants and green areas.