Shopping in Larcomar – The shopping center overlooking the sea

The big shopping centers are in all parts of the world. Those built on cliffs overlooking the sea, but rare. Opened in 1998, Larcomar was a controversial project, because although the idea of ​​the architects was beautiful, after all it had to be rebuilt on the Costa Verde, the green coastal strip of Limas Park Salazar was reformed. In the course of construction, the old trees were cut down and the lawn was completed, a fact that naturally received criticism. The Peruvian author and Nobel prize Mario Vargas Llosa commented on the project: although he himself was not an opponent of modernity and theaters, one would not have destroyed the beds with geraniums and would have replaced the lawn with cement, turning the beautiful park into one to convert esplanade without life. Well, maybe it depends on the perspective, and certainly time cures so many grimm. Because without love as the writer describes it, the result has not failed: on the cliff appeared a building that recalls a ship with decks and masts, due to its futuristic curved lines, four levels and architectural details in a trip through the Pacific – At least that suggests a fantastic view, which changes a lot depending on the weather and the time of day. While the bright blue sea rolls gently towards the beach in good weather, it seems quite threatening with wind and rain with its gray-green color. The sense of romance, on the other hand, satisfies the sunset.

Built on the cliffs

Miraflores is the popular district for its modernity. Beautifully designed streets and squares are clean and spacious, the wealth of the district is obvious. This and the fact that there are many bars, restaurants and nightclubs make the area very popular with visitors. The Larcomar shopping center is no exception. The building, built on the cliffs, has on its terraces next to cafes restaurants from where you can enjoy the view, green areas and fountains, famous nightclubs animated the building. Conveniently, the Marriot Hotel – and other hotels – is next door.

Shopping experience in Larcomar

The Larcomar is not just a commercial center. Or maybe it is the shopping center par excellence, assuming that there are not only stores in those places, but also other institutions and attractions. In addition to the 155 stores, Larcomar offers several cinemas, theaters, bowling alleys and museums. You can buy everything there, eat and drink too. When you visit the shopping center, not only does the different views of the sea depend on the different hours of the day, but also on the activities. Larcomar attracts about 500,000 visitors per month, an attractive number. By the way, there is an office of Turibus, the bus company that offers tours of the city through Lima. In addition, the view of the sea and the beach invites you, of course, to save your purchases at the hotel and take a digestive walk to the beach, perhaps southwards to the Barranco neighborhood. So Larcomar is just a stage in the course of a day in Lima, but it’s worth it.


Addrese: Malecón de la Reserva 610, Miraflores
Opening hour Shops: Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 22:00
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