Satipo – the jungle paradise in central Peru

A journey into the heart of the Peruvian jungle

Satipo is a province in the Junín region. It lies in the jungle, on the side of the Andes facing away from the sea. The capital of Satipo is the city of the same name. The region got its name from the river Satipo, which flows into the Amazonas Due to its remote location, Satipo was undiscovered for a long time. The Asháninka people lived there undisturbed for over 3000 years until the first Spanish settlers arrived in the 19th century. The Asháninka have remained, they still live, as far as possible, according to their traditions and mainly cultivate in the rainforest. Satipo is not a known area, and even less known is probably a fact: the the world’s best coffee is said to come from Satipo – at least it is the most expensive coffee in the world. The special feature of this coffee is its “supplier”, the South American coatis. This eats the raw coffee cherry and excretes the seeds. They are collected, cleaned and processed. The result is coffee of the most exquisite taste. Moreover, this coffee is extremely rare. While in other countries millions of tons are produced, in Satipo it is just 800 kilograms per year!