Santiago de Surco district of Lima

Santiago de Surco – From gold and weapons to horses

Santiago de Surco – From gold and weapons to horses

Limas Districts: Santiago de Surco – Greener is not …

What criteria do you choose when you visit a foreign place? The question could also be: Why should I come to Santiago de Surco? We always hear that the coastal districts of Limas, Barranco and Miraflores are particularly popular with tourists, who offer most attractions, etc.

That is partially true. Santiago de Surco, for example, is known for its parks, which say it has the largest number of districts compared to other districts, around 400, including the famous Parque de la Amistad, the Parque de la Amistad. This arch represents friendship and brotherhood between the two countries. In the park, you can not only walk, but also take a boat ride on the lake, or cross the green with an old steam locomotive, in short, relax. If this park is not enough, there are others, such as the Loma Amarilla Ecological Park. The many greens are a reason to come to Santiago de Surco, since the district is briefly called by its inhabitants, but not the only one.

Other places of interest

Are you a fan of horses? If so, in Santiago de Surco there is a racetrack, the Hipódromo de Monterrico. If you prefer to rush to a shopping center to buy one or another souvenir or stock up on clothes, go to the same place. On the grounds of the racecourse is the largest shopping center in Lima, the Jockey Plaza. 380 stores, a food court, a water fountain in the courtyard and lots of light inside make the visit an experience. And Groove would not be in Lima if I did not have some churches. Of particular interest is the Santiago Apóstol Church, located in the main square of the district, the Plaza Mayor. Built in 1571 in the Baroque style, the church with its yellow facade and white decorations is the main church of the district and is known for its altar.


The names of the museums in Lima are sometimes quite long, an example is El Museo de Oro del Perú y de Armas del Mundo, in English: Gold Museum of Peru and Weapons of the World. What the name promises has the museum. The pieces were assembled by Miguel Mujica Gallo, and then he founded the museum. You can see a variety of jewels, cups, masks and sculptures of all kinds of gold and silver, as well as a collection of weapons that have been used for millennia throughout the world: first bow and arrow, saber and sword, rear arcabuz and pistols . Watch this.

For those who love technology, the Aeronautical Museum is the place to go: here you can see the history of aviation in Peru. In addition, the building in which the museum is located, from the outside a true fairytale castle, you must have seen it.

Restaurants and nightlife

In Lima you always have the option of restaurants. Do you want Peruvian cuisine? A little advice is Puerto Sur. It is a restaurant that goes unnoticed from the outside, but the food is sensational and tastes good. Equally imaginative, but a little more traditional is the Tres María. But that’s not all, there are many more options that you can try in Surco. Osaka, one of the main restaurants in Lima, is located in Santiago de Surco.

Do you want to experience something after dinner? In the many clubs and bars, this is not a problem, after all, Peruvians love not only music, but also night. Take a look at the Depeche order, for example. There is karaoke, and it’s open all night.

Hotels and Accommodation

When you look at the number of hotels in Santiago de Surco, you realize that the area is not so bad after all: it is quite popular with visitors who want to afford a bit of luxury, but also with those who are satisfied with less, the selection is great

District of Santiago de Surco
Population: 357600
Area: 52 km²
Height: 72 m


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