San Luis district of Lima

San Luis: sports, markets and parks

San Luis: sports, markets and parks

Limas districts: San Luis – A quiet district, but good for a surprise

The small district east of the city center is mainly residential district. In addition, there are several companies and a large area, Villa Deportiva Nacional. It is the home of several Peruvian sports institutes, such as the Olympic Committee, the Peruvian Football Association and others. If you come to San Luis, it is best to go to the market, the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is overwhelming. Especially the locals shop there, so it’s a good opportunity to look over their shoulders and know their habits. The main square of San Luis is Horacio Patiño Cruzatti Park, a place where the main official events take place. Also worth visiting is the Parque de los Novios. The plant in the center of the park is particularly beautiful: a small and original building with sophisticated plantings. Maybe the district sounds too docile, but you should go there once; You will experience some surprises.

Museums in San Luis

There is a museum in San Luis that most of you do not expect when you think of the other museums in the city, which are mainly concerned with archeology and the history and art of Peru. The connoisseurs, however, the name Saint Seya will say something. The Saint Seya Museum is the first anime museum in Peru. There you can see figures of knights with colors, video games and manga in different languages and characters of the series Saint Seya Myth Cloth.


In Lima you can eat very well in many places, because San Luis is no exception. Especially recommended is El Rincon del Gordo with Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant is mainly a seafood restaurant, but also serves meat dishes. What particularly stands out is the imaginative decoration of the food. One almost wants to refrain from eating these works of art. On the contrary, La Esquinita Columbiana serves Colombian cuisine.

Hotels and Accommodation

San Luis has some less expensive hotels. The area is not one of the main attractions for visitors, so you will find a wider option in other parts of the city. San Luis is a quiet district with many parks. In addition, it is relatively central, other parts of the city with its places of interest are easily accessible. That’s why a hotel in San Luis is not a bad choice.

San Luis district
Population: 59600
Area: 3,49 km²
Height: 175 m


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