Rímac district of Lima

Rímac – bullfighting and happy parties

Rímac – bullfighting and happy parties

Limas districts: Rímac – where history meets tradition

Lima has completely different faces. Some rooms are colorful, others are gray, one is full of life, the others are quite calm. And then, of course, they are different in architecture, which always reflects a certain part of the story. Rímac is next to the district of Cercado de Lima, the area with the oldest buildings. It is located north of Cercado de Lima, on the other side of the Rímac River.

The district, which began as a hospital and a leper church among the Spaniards in the sixteenth century, was extended in the seventeenth century. One of the most beautiful monuments of Spanish architecture is the Paseo de Aguas, a walkway with a basin and an arched structure of Rococo style, built between 1770 and 1776. Behind the park with the water is a beautiful love story. In the basin in front of the red prow, the moon is reflected, which the aged viceroy wanted to put at the feet of a young woman who agreed to marry him if he fulfilled his wish. At night, the building is illuminated in bright colors.

However, the district is known for a tradition that was also imported from Spain: the bullfights. So, it’s no wonder that the most popular place in Rimac is Plaza de Acho, the oldest bullfighting arena in America. It is said to be the most beautiful and (among the connoisseurs) the most famous of its kind, built in 1766. The bullfights continue to this day, and every Peruvian has heard of the great bullfighting event in October and November, the ” Taurine Fair of the Lord “of the Miracles”.

Sights and activities in Rímac

In Rímac there are some places of interest where you can spend several hours, if not all day. At the top is the San Cristobal hill, the mountain of Lima to call. From several points in the same Lima, stands out from the colorful collections of houses on its slopes. However, it is better if you get on a bus to the mountain from the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza del Gobierno to see Lima from above, a strange pleasure that is worth it especially at night.

Or take a walk through the Alameda de los Descalzos, a walk lined with trees and statues that lead to the Convent of the Descalzos. The current design dates back to the 19th century, the park-type complex is a haven of peace in the hectic city and a real eye-catcher.

Also worth seeing is the monastery. During a tour you can visit the facilities, the monastery also has an extensive library. In the adjoining museum you can see about 300 works from the schools of Lima, Cuzco and Quito, which decisively influenced Peruvian art.

For those who are interested in bullfighting, not only the bullring, but also the Bullfighting Museum of the Plaza de Acho is the right place. Something quite different, but what you should not miss is the Peñas, of which there are so many in Rímac: celebrations with Creole music, dancing, singing, joy that will enchant the day and shorten the hours of the night. In a rock, you will get close to the essence of the country, in a relaxed atmosphere you can make friends quickly.


Rimac is best known for its Creole restaurants. Which does not mean, of course, that you can not find any restaurant that serves Peruvian food, of course there is one or two Cevicheria. If you just want a quick lunch, try Roky’s. There is the specialty of the house, Pollio a la Brasa. And if you still do not know, that’s what Peruvians like most, right after the potato, which of course can not be missed as a garnish.

Hotels and Accommodation

The hotels in Lima focus mainly on the south of the city. However, it is worth looking for accommodation in Rímac. The advantage is undeniable: all the main attractions of the old town are nearby, you just have to cross the river. The style of the district, to which colonial architecture and nightlife belong, is very attractive to visitors. In addition, the prices are moderate.

District of Rímac
Population: 170600
Area: 11,87 km²


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