Punta Negra district of Lima

Punta Negra – surfing, swimming, high waves and beaches

Punta Negra – surfing, swimming, high waves and beaches

The district of Punta Negra takes its name from the large dark rock that faces the beach. Punta Negra is located 47 kilometers south of Lima. Punta Negra is located on the Panamericana, the highway system that connects Alaska with Tierra del Fuego and the sea. While for some it is a dream to drive a little on the Panamericana, the dream of others is to use what the Pacific has to offer: water, wind and beach. By the way, the area was used by the natives for fishing in pre-Columbian times. Punta Negra has been one of the most popular beaches in Lima since 1953.

Beaches, swimming, water sports and social life in Punta Negra

Along the coast of the resort of Punta Negra run several beaches that are used for swimming and part for water sports, especially for surfing. The beaches in their order from north to south:

Punta Rocas

The beach Punta Rocas is the border to the districts of Lima and the beginning of Punta Negra. Unlike the beaches around Punta Hermosa, the beaches in Punta Negra are wide and open. Punta Negras’ best known water sports destination is Punta Rocas, where national and international surf and bodyboard championships are regularly held. Not so sporty, but relaxed, it goes on the many beaches:

Playa El Puerto

Playa El Puerto is known for the world’s oldest water sports, bodysurfing. A water sport that is little known but has found its friends.

Playa Pocitas

The Playa Pocitas, easily confused with Las Pocitas in Mancora, is particularly well suited for swimming with its shallow natural pools behind rocks for children. The small bay at this point of Punta Negra ensures that the waves come broken to the beach.

Playa La Bikini and Playa La Platita

The Social Club was founded on the shores of La Bikini in 1955 and since then has been one of the most popular places in Punta Negra. What the Playa la Bikini stands for, you might guess. The awareness of the district through the sporting events naturally attracts many interested parties. So it’s no wonder there are three clubs in a relatively small space: the El Bosque Country Club, the Social Club and Punta Negra Sports.

Playa El Reves

El Reves beach is a great place to spend a pleasant time, especially in the summer, as it is a little bit far away from occasional visitors filling the mess between January and March. El Reves is great for paddling, doing sports or simply enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Ocean with its horizon, birds, sea lions and pelicans. However, this beach is not suitable for fishing and swimming. The Pacific is rough and there is a danger of being drawn into the sea.

Also suitable for swimming is located north of Punta Negra district of Punta Hermosa. In the south, in San Bartolo, there are beaches that are very popular with surfers because of their high waves. San Bartolo is also worth a visit to El Bufaderos, a rock formation in which the incoming high waves are so concentrated and thrown up that one gets the impression that it is a volcano of water.

Arrival and sights

By car, the journey from Lima to the south to the old Panamericana until km 47 offers. Alternatively, it is possible to take a trip by public transport. Punta Negra has a well-developed infrastructure due to its sporting events. Attractions include Melgar Castle, a picturesque structure reminiscent of a small castle in a peculiar way that was created by its owner, a lawyer, of different styles. There are architectural elements of the Incas, the colonial period and oriental elements below. Currently the castle serves as a nightclub. By the way, the district of Punta Negra has its own anthem: the Spa Anthem, which should not be missed in the great festivals of the Punta Negra Club. It’s about the beauty of the coast, beaches and bikinis …

Punta Negra district
Population: 8000
Height: 19 meter
Area: 130,5 km2


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