Beach tip Peru: Pacasmayo, the new surfers mecca

Peru has gained a very good reputation among surfers in the last two decadesThis is not only because the conditions in the Pacific are perfect, but also because of the many interesting surf spots that have not yet been discovered by the masses.

The Pacasmayo Beach is a true legend among surfers, because here you should be able to ride one of the longest waves in the world: over 1500 meters you should be able to sweep the wave in one direction. In Pacasmayo one notices the relaxed attitude of the surfers.Everything is more relaxed and dignified here.
Strandtipp Peru: Pacasmayo, das neue Surfer-Mekka

What can we do here?

Of course, first of all surf. If you want to challenge the hammer waves, the first direction should be El Faro beach, where you will find the best wind conditions. However, there is a fairly strong current at this point, which does not necessarily make the place suitable for beginners. But these also get their value in a more protected bay, where they can take their first “steps” in the water in calmer waters.

Every year competitions and surf championships are held in Pacasmayo, which are also attracting international attention and, consequently, are gaining in size and importance. The city administration is doing its part, the place more and more to develop a mecca of water sports.

Those who would like to swim in the clear water without having their heads cut off by the vorbreibrausenden surfers, go to La Peña Larga south of the main beach. By the way, here you can also just throw the fishing rod and wait to see what you have at the end.

But downtown Pacasmayos is always worth a walk. The “Malecón” – the seafront promenade – and the picturesque dock you love, as well as the many magnificent buildings of the colonial era. Along the walk you can stock up on drinks, traditional snacks such as churros or small souvenirs.

For a perfect view of Pacasmayos and the bay, head to El Mirador and El Cristo Resucitado, a statue of Jesus on a nearby hill reminiscent of his elder brother in Rio de Janeiro.

When is the best time to visit?

Although for normal tourists here again: the weather is more beautiful from December to March, but surfers actually prefer the weather from June to November. Then the sun does not shine so often and at night it is good to have a thick sweater in your luggage, but instead a strong wind will swell the waves and make the pleasure of surfing even bigger.

The accommodations there are now quite a lot, from the extremely cheap bunk in the hostel for $ 10, to the luxurious bungalow somewhere on the beach. The cheap and good Hotel El Mirador has shown, where for 30 – 40, – Euro night both W-Lan, as well as a delicious traditional Peruvian breakfast and an airport shuttle service is offered.

How do you get there?

Pacasmayo is less than 100 kilometers north of Trujillo. So, if you want to travel from the capital, Lima, you can take the plane and fly to Trujillo for just under $ 80, or you can take a bus and take the almost 590-kilometer bus route on the Panamericana. (Cost, depending on the bus company, between 7 – 30, – dollars).

After Pacasmayo there are also buses from Trujillo that leave from the main terminal near the Plaza de Armas. In Pacasmayo, you can resort to the motorcycle taxi, the converted motorcycles that bring you to each beach for an extremely small amount of money.


Region La Libertad
Inhabitants: 103,000
Area: 35 km²
Height: 8 m

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