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Peru’s most popular destinations from the jungle to the Incas

Fascination South America: Peru and its regions

Peru is often associated with the empire of the Incas or with the Andes. Then there is the history of colonization and with it many testimonies in the form of architectural examples. Water sports enthusiasts will say that Peru is a good place to surf, and in recent years Peru’s cuisine has been voted one of the best in the world by the World Travel Awards. Here we introduce you to the most important destinations in the different regions of this fascinating country. Peru can be divided into different regions. In scenic regions for example – the coast, the Sierra and the Selva – or simply geographically in north, south and center. Get to know a country that will certainly fascinate you.

Peru’s top destinations from north to south

The most famous Highlite in Peru is without doubt Machu Picchu. Since 2017 more and more tourists visit the fortress Kuelap in the north, also called the Machu Picchu of the north. Those who have enough time for their Peru holiday should in any case make a detour here.

Destinations in the North

The north of Peru is dominated by contrasts. To the east of the Andes grows lush rainforest, while to the west on the Pacific coast is a desert. The Amazonas and Lambayeque regions, for example, are among the many possible destinations. The former has many rainforest animals and plants as well as monuments from ancient cultures.

For example, there is a burial place of the Chachapoyas, the Mausoleo of Revash. Who does not shy away from a small effort and takes on the two-hour hike, will come across formations carved into a rock wall, which, similar to house facades, are lined up next to each other. The latter region, Lambayeque, is not only ideal for a bathing or water sports holiday, but is also known for its royal tombs and pyramids of Sipán near the city of Chiclayo.


31.7 million

1,285,000 km²
(third largest country in South America)

Highest point:
6768 m Nevado Huascarán

Lowest point:
0 m Pacific Ocean

80% Castellano (Spanish), Quechua, Aymara

Catholic: 89.03%.
Protestant: 6.73%.
Others: 2.56

231.57 US billion (as of 2017)

4 million