Paititi the lost city of the Inca

Paititi, the lost city of the Inca

In search of gold, silver and jewels

The legendary Inca people ruled South America from the 13th century until the 16th century. In doing so, they managed to spread the kingdom across six countries, creating more than 14,000 miles of paved roads in which even today’s explorers and adventurers are looking for what might be said to be the greatest legend of the Inca Empire: Paititi, the legendary city ​​of gold “.

When, in the sixteenth century, the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro “learned of the supposed riches of the Incas”, he set out to explore this unknown world. And with the investigation we refer to: destroy and plunder. Its greatest advantage: firearms, against which the Incas did not have much to oppose.

An Inca city after another were victims of the Spanish until after three “successful” expeditions had fought to reach the capital of the Incas. But the dreams of pure infinite gold, silver and jewels should not be fulfilled for the Spaniards. Although they found some, but nothing that would have satisfied their endless greed.

And then they heard about Paititi

… the legendary city of gold. After the Spaniards did not find the treasures they were looking for, the rumors about a city, hidden in the depths of the Andes or in the dense jungles of the Amazon, were like a balm to their ears. Somewhere the Incas should have hidden all the treasures, but nobody has found them yet.

In the early nineties, it looked as if investigator Mario Polia had made an incredible find in the archives of the Vatican: he found a letter from missionary Andreas Lopez to the Pope, who did not want to see Paititi himself, but supposedly knew exactly where the hidden treasures should hide. And besides, the legend (or conspiracy theory) says that today the Vatican knows exactly where Paititi should be, but prefers to keep this information explosive for him.

Many have searched for Paititi…

… but nobody has found it yet. On the contrary, for many a team of researchers, the dense jungle and the high mountains were already fatal. Meanwhile, one thing is true about one thing: Paititi should hide somewhere where Peru meets Brazil and Bolivia, in the deepest Amazon.

And that makes the search, of course, particularly difficult, because not only should adventurers cross the dense and impassable forest, but there are many other dangers waiting for them: wild and poisonous animals, unknown indigenous tribes that are not necessarily friendly with the intruders , Drug lords and illegal poachers, it is not easy to pave the way through the Amazon.

The route is the goal?

Even today, Peru and the legend of Paititi attract numerous visitors, adventurers, archaeologists and nature lovers. And in fact, in the search for the lost city, much has been discovered: ancient Inca ruins, fortresses, roads, tombs; Maybe they are not material treasures, but the historical value is unimaginable. And even today we know very little about the Inca Empire and its inhabitants.

Peru, with its deserts and jungles, mountains and coasts, remains a mystery to many visitors, but one that always leads to exciting adventures in the original and impressive nature. If you want to know more about Peru, Machu Picchu, Cuzco and perhaps even Paititi or even plan your own “expedition”, here you will find a lot of interesting information about the country and its people.

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