Natural history in Lima: the Natural History Museum

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    Natural history in Lima: the Natural History Museum

The Museum of Natural History, is another place worth seeing in the series of museums in Lima. It is dedicated to the flora and fauna of Peru and was founded in 1918.

It is the first museum in Lima, which specializes exclusively in these subjects. Over the years, it has expanded again and again. The museum is a worthwhile place for anyone interested in nature in general and in the flora and fauna that occurs especially in Peru. Due to its versatile offer, the Natural History Museum is also interesting for children.

Diverse Peruvian flora and fauna

The museum has an attractive design of premises. The botanical department presents an overview of the world of plants in Peru. Among the exhibits are remains of fossil trees, as well as samples of plants today.

The room dedicated to geosciences presents stones and minerals. The highlight of the museum is the representation of Peruvian wildlife. Due to its different scenic areas, Peru has a large number of animals that are rare in other countries.

There are animals that live in the jungle, others that are native to the Andes and, of course, living beings that live by the sea. You can see eyeglass bears, monkeys and various species of fish such as swordfish and sharks. Continue with crocodiles, snakes and a department where turtles can be observed. Do not forget the colorful birdlife of Peru.

Of course, the history of the Peruvian fauna is very old: dinosaur bones were found in the Amazon. As impressive as the skeleton of a whale is. A special finding is the fossil horse, which was excavated near Arequipa in the Andes, and the skull of a saber-toothed tiger, one of the largest extinct terrestrial predators on earth. In addition to the skeletons, reconstructions of the appearance of these animals are also shown.

Special offers of the Museo de Historia Natural

What constitutes the offer of the Museum of Natural History is its diversity. In addition to live and stuffed animals, it has a large outdoor area in which there is a botanical garden.

Since the museum is run by the university, there is a focus on exploring the natural world of Peru, which can be heard in the auditorium. In addition to the permanent exhibition, special exhibitions are organized that vary thematically. It is surprising what a variety of living beings and plants have and still has Peru.

Museo de Historia Natural

Lince, Av. Arenales 1256, Jesús María

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