Moyobamba – city of orchids

Moyobamba is one of the oldest cities in the Peruvian Amazon region. The fascinating story reflects a city in motion where many foreigners from all over the world have found a home.

The Spanish Don Juan Pérez de Guavara founded the city in 1540. Moyobamba is 860 meters above sea level, has a subtropical climate with an average annual temperature of around 24 degrees and is located on the western slope of the Andes. In December, the rainy season begins and ends in March. During this time, it may happen that the roads are only partially or not passable due to heavy rains.

With its 79,000 inhabitants, Moyobamba is the capital of the province of San Martín, located in the northeast of Peru. About Moyobamba leads one of the few roads from the Pacific to the Amazon basin. The nearby Tarapoto airport, which is about an hour and a half by car, attracts many tourists to Moyobamba. The city is located on a plateau on the Mayo River.

Moyobamba became known for the variety of orchids that grow in the jungle. Every year, at the end of October, the population celebrates the festival of orchids. With reason, in Moyobamba there are more than 3500 different orchids, more than anywhere else in the world. The beauty of these flowers, their exoticism and the fact that they are an important element in the ecological chain make Moyobamba an attractive tourist destination.

The Peruvian population is very close to nature and that is why it is not surprising that large areas are protected in the San Martín region.