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Mini Mundo: the smallest city in Peru is in … Jesús María

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A very special place in Lima is the Mini Mundo, the German “mini-world”. What is behind this name? It is not hard to guess: Lima in miniature.

Mini Mundo is located in the district of Jesús María and is also an attraction for young and old, locals and strangers. Originally, the place where Mini Mundo is located was a very neglected urban area, which was partly used as a landfill. The administration of the district of Jesus Maria pleaded for significant use. The result is the park with the models, sometimes surrounded by fences, sometimes with hedges.

Lima has so many culturally interesting sights, but a bit of fun – especially if you travel with children – must be there too. Take a look at what Mini Mundo has to offer and spend a few hours in the “smallest city of Peru”.

By the way, Mini Mundo also has a climbing wall and several bouncy castles for children in addition to the replicated buildings. The attraction doesn’t cost much, only 8 soles (approx. 2 Euro) per person, but variety for the family is guaranteed. Admission is free for children under the age of three.

Mini World Attractions

1200 inhabitants and 400 vehicles – buses, motorcycles, cars – populate Mini Mundo, the city that houses the 150 most important monuments of Lima and Peru on a scale of 1:25.

You enter the theme park and you will be surprised to see Lima “from above”. From above, because most models are smaller than an adult. There are, of course, the most important historical places that can be found, such as the Plaza Mayor with its buildings from the time of the city’s founding, but also the San Francisco Church, with its yellow facade and granite portal, one of the Most beautiful churches in Lima.

But modern buildings are also shown, for example, the Sheraton Hotel. Of course, a city also has its airport, which is why the Jorge Chavez Airport is on display, as well as a popular place to take a walk at night: the Magical Water Circus, a park with aquatic features designed with imagination.

If you are already aware of the activities in the city, you know what it means. If you look at the little people, the birds and the flowers that reproduce faithfully, you almost want to live in this city. To create the most perfect possible image of reality, Mini Mundo was built with wood, resin and, for example, the Plaza Mayor with the government palace of the Huamanga stone, a kind of soapstone that is easy to process.

The mini amusement park with carousel and roller coaster even has small electric motors that put the attractions in motion, but without the large audience sitting on it. The creators of the mini world have not completely stuck to the reality of Lima, but they added things to the city: lakes and hills, railroads and a cable car enrich the factory.

Mini Mundo

Av. Gral. Salaverry Cdra 17, Jesús María
Opening hours:
Di. – Fr. 15:00 – 23:00
Sa. – So. 11:00 – 23:00

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