Máncora – surf and bathing paradise all year round

mancora-4High in the north of Peru lies the tranquil fishing village of Máncora, which has become one of the trendiest seaside resorts in the country in recent years. With its first-class waves, it is mainly cool surfers who ride the high waves here – but also families like to come here because of the pleasantly warm water and the rain-free weather, to holiday.

Due to the strong tourist crowds, of course, a very good infrastructure has developed: in the 13,000-strong fishing village, there are numerous cafes and restaurants, supermarkets and hotels, a hospital and Internet cafés – almost everything you need!

In the Pan-American in the middle of the town

Máncora is not in itself a true beauty, that is the town. The longest motorway in the world, the Pan-American Highway or, for us, the Germans, the Panamericana, is on the right. The bars and cafes, which can be full, especially during vacations in Peru, line two blocks along the main street, so almost everything is within walking distance.

For those who like the cheap, stay at a hotel in Máncora, which wants to enjoy pure luxury, should be installed in one of the almost 30 beach resorts, which are outdone by the best places on the most beautiful beaches.

The “main beach”, the main beach, can be very busy even in low season. Here is a towel and towel for the well-tanned and oiled body, and only with a little luck can one of the pelicans that are often found on the beach.

The south beach, which, as the name implies, lies south of the Máncora pier and the main station, is much more abandoned and pristine. To get there you have to walk about 15 minutes from the center of the city, but it is rewarded with completely abandoned bays and unique places to surf. Who has good shoes, enough drinking water and sunscreen in the luggage could theoretically walk from here to the beach of Organos, another attraction here in the area.