Lince district of Lima

Lince The Heart of Lima

Lince: The Heart of Lima

Districts of Lima: Lince – A place to discover

Lince is located on the south side of the Cercado district of Lima. It’s so small that you crossed it before you realized you were there. A pity, because the district is best known for its well-preserved Art Deco architecture from the 30s.

Lince is a district that belongs to the inhabitants. This does not mean that it is a quiet district, but it is too central, because there, the locals can experience a lot and, above all, live at moderate prices. For travelers who want to discover as much of Lima as possible, the district is the right place, because the central location makes all other interesting parts of the city easily accessible. To see what the district does, you just have to find out.

Above all, the inhabitants of Lince, called Linceños, are proud of their parks, such as the Castilla Mariscal Park, the Clemente Revilla Park, the Fireman’s Park or the San Juan Bosco Park. And why not? The beautifully landscaped areas offer a change from the hustle and bustle of the big city, here you are and you sit or talk for a while.

Museums in Lince

Although Lince is surrounded by districts with many museums, there is only one thing worth seeing in the district: are you interested in art? Then the Fernando Saldías Díaz Art Museum is just what you are looking for. Here you will find paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as contemporary Peruvian archaeological finds and ceramics.

Restaurants and nightlife

The variety of restaurants in Lince is great. Italian Trattorias, Asian cuisine, no problem. In the Chulucanas restaurant you eat very well. But it should be noted here, because especially and rarely in Lima, a vegan restaurant, the Yami.
Unlike residential areas, Lince also has a diverse nightlife. Cozy clubs like the Lince Club, but also clubs can be found in the western part. It means celebrating or relaxing in the “heart of Lima”.

Hotels and Accommodation

That Lince is popular with visitors to Lima, you can immediately notice the considerable number of hotels in the small district. To the north is Cercado de Lima with the old town and many interesting museums, to the east the district of Jesús María with its interesting corners and one of the largest parks in Lima, the Campo de Marte. Lynx a great stay, it is the natural style of the district and the proximity to the people.

District of Lince
Population: 52400
Area: 3,03 km²
Height: 117 m


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