Lima`s Districts

The metropolitan area of Lima covers 43 districts with an area of 2672 km2 and a population of 9.2 million in 2018. Among the most famous districts of Lima are Barranco, Miraflores and San Isidro. The oldest district, apart from Lima, is Chorrillos (1821).

District Lima Ate Vitarte

Ate Vitarte, or: “The past empire of ancient cultures”

The district of Ate, also called Ate Vitarte, is located in the east of Lima, partly outside the built-up urban area. And that is why there is one thing above all there
28. February 2019/by Rolf
Barranco District Lima Peru

Barranco – romance and a touch of nostalgia in Lima

Barranco is rightly considered the most beautiful and most romantic district of Lima. No wonder, because in the 19th century this was the "place of refuge" of the
28. February 2019/by Rolf
Breña in Lima Peru

Breña – Streets and squares in the neighborhood of the locals

Breña is known for its small markets and stores. It is a busy district and a commercial district.
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Cercado de Lima: the oldest neighborhood in Lima

Cercado de Lima: the oldest neighborhood in Lima

Cercado de Lima is the oldest district of Lima. And not only that, part of the Cercado de Lima is the historic center of the city. Here, once the founder of the city, Francisco Pizarro, was founded, the first stone
28. February 2019/by Rolf
Chorrillos in Lima Peru

Chorrillos – When the sun sinks into the sea

During the War of Independence in Chorrillos was the port of the Peruvians. After 1821 Chorillos to a resort. Today, Chorrillos is still the
28. February 2019/by Rolf
Comas in Lima Peru

Comas – district in the limit of the northern city of Lima

Comas: seen from above, the small district at the northern end of the central city of Lima resembles a heart. It's a coincidence, because Comas started as immigrants
28. February 2019/by Rolf

El Agustino, or “The lost treasure”

Small colorful houses cover the hills in the east of Lima. From a distance, confusing buildings have their own unique aesthetic. We are talking about El Agustino, one of the poorest districts of Lima.
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Independencia in Lima Peru

Independencia – poverty and economic recovery

In some districts of Lima one gets lost as a tourist rather seldom. These include Independencia. The district is north of the core city, directly behind
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Jesús María and his popular places Lima Peru

Jesús María and its popular places

The Jesús María district was discovered by the locals a few years ago - the ideal place to live, not too far from the center, but in the same way
28. February 2019/by Rolf
La Molina in Lima Peru

La Molina – the sunniest district in Lima

The district of La Molina is located in the east of the central city of Lima, the location can be described as exclusive. The surrounding hills, the many green areas and
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La Victoria in Lima Peru

La Victoria – Clothes make people …

The history of the district of La Victoria dates back to the 19th century, when this area was the Hacienda La Victoria. The hacienda was meeting
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Lince in Lima Peru

Lince: The “Heart of Lima”

Lince is located in the south of the district of Cercado de Lima. It's so small that you crossed it before you realized you were there. Pity
28. February 2019/by Rolf
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Districts metropolitan Lima

Lima`s Districts in the north

Los Olivos
Puente Piedra
San Martín de Porres
Santa Rosa

Lima`s districts in the center

Lima`s districts in the south

Punta Hermosa
Punta Negra
San Bartolo
San Juan de Miraflores
Santa María del Mar
Villa El Salvador
Villa María del Triunfo

Lima`s districts in the east

Ate Vitarte
El Agustino
La Molina
San Juan de Lurigancho
San Luis
Santa Anita