Districts of Lima

Costa Verde Miraflores Lima Peru

Miraflores – the district of the beautiful and wealthy in Lima

Probably the most popular district of the Peruvian capital Lima, Miraflores, attracts with its fine dining opportunities, international hotels, colorful
Punta Negra Lima Peru

Punta Negra – surfing, swimming, high waves and beaches

Punta Negra - Surfing, Bathing, High Waves and Beaches The district of Punta Negra takes its name from the large dark rock that lies in front of the beach. Punta Negra is located 47 kilometers south of Lima. Punta Negra

Puente Piedra, or the bridges from the Inca period

Puente Piedra is one of the northernmost districts of Lima. He is one of those areas that are still growing economically. The name of the district
Independencia in Lima Peru

Independencia – poverty and economic recovery

In some districts of Lima one gets lost as a tourist rather seldom. These include Independencia. The district is north of the core city, directly behind
San Luis in Lima Peru

San Luis: sports, markets and parks

The small district of San Luis east of the city center of Lima is mainly residential district. In addition, there are several companies and a large area
Rimac in Lima Peru

Rímac – bullfighting and happy parties

Rímac is next to the district of Cercado de Lima the area with the oldest buildings. It is located north of Cercado de Lima, on the other side of the river
La Victoria in Lima Peru

La Victoria – Clothes make people …

The history of the district of La Victoria dates back to the 19th century, when this area was the Hacienda La Victoria. The hacienda was meeting
Jesús María and his popular places Lima Peru

Jesús María and its popular places

The Jesús María district was discovered by the locals a few years ago - the ideal place to live, not too far from the center, but in the same way

El Agustino, or “The lost treasure”

Small colorful houses cover the hills in the east of Lima. From a distance, confusing buildings have their own unique aesthetic. We are talking about El Agustino, one of the poorest districts of Lima.
Comas in Lima Peru

Comas – district in the limit of the northern city of Lima

Comas: seen from above, the small district at the northern end of the central city of Lima resembles a heart. It's a coincidence, because Comas started as immigrants