The lagoons in La Molina: away from the stress of the city

Lake in the sunniest district of Lima

  • La Laguna in La Molina

    The lagoons in La Molina: away from the stress of the city
  • Las Lagunas in La Molina

The water gurgles gently, the green hills rise around. It is Las Lagunas, a lake complex in the district of La Molina. La Molina is one of the most prosperous districts of Lima, where some politicians and other famous personalities have settled. The location at the eastern end of the central city of Lima is exclusive, the road to the city but not too far away. Clean streets, good shops and clubs make up the district. By the way, it is said that La Molina is the sunniest district of Lima. It is not surprising that the population enjoys its lakes, which also house several species of fish and waterfowl.

Las Lagunas – From the gravel pit to the lake

Lima is located in a dry zone, which obtained mainly through the Rímac River the fertility necessary for colonization. So, how did these lakes reach La Molina? Very easily. Formerly there was a gravel pit in La Molina, which provided construction material for Lima and especially for La Molina. At some point, I was exhausted and wondered what to do with this great erosion to integrate and improve the district. In 1968, the gravel pit was filled with water from the Rimac River, trees were planted and the facilities that today can be seen and attract many visitors were gradually built. As with all artificial waters, the difficulty in Las Lagunas is to maintain the ecological balance. Therefore, people and visitors are asked not to dispose of waste or food in the lake.

What can you experience at the lakes?

Water attracts people magically, either as a cooling on hot summer days, or a place that transmits tranquility or is simply beautiful, so you like to take a walk or sit on the grass and watch birds, fishermen or boats .

At dusk, the surface of the water shines with warm light, Las Lagunas are then a very romantic place. The lakes are the setting for the annual regattas of motorboats and sailboats, and on the promenade there is the Las Lagunas Club, which offers venues for events.

On the south side of the large lake, Laguna Grande, there is an observation point, which offers a beautiful view on the surface of the water. A boardwalk leads along the coast, and there are often flocks of geese. Crossing the street from the viewpoint, you reach the restaurant Fresson, a very good restaurant famous for its desserts. A wonderful place to eat is on the wooden balconies that overlook the Laguna Grande.

Las Lagunas La Molina

Av. Laguna Grande, La Molina

Las Lagunas La Molina

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