Jesús María District of Lima

Jesús María and his popular places

Jesús María and his popular places

Limas Districts: Jesús María – District for the population with interesting corners

The neighborhood of Jesus Maria was discovered by the locals a few years ago, the ideal place to live, not far from the city center, but so far that the apartments are affordable. The fact that upper middle class people have found a home here is evident in the clean streets and the various offices and ministries. However, as a visitor to the city, you will find its beautiful corners in this district.

Sights in Jesús María

The district is known to house some late colonial buildings, just keep your eyes open. By the way, one of the largest parks in Lima is Jesus Maria: The Field of Mars. It is also known as the green lung of the city.

One of the landmarks of the park is a bridge built by the Japanese community in Jesus Maria as a sign of friendship between Peru and Japan. By the way, what you should not miss is the market. It is small and is frequented mainly by the locals. But that is one of the reasons why you visit a market. Y: it is known for the stalls selling fresh ceviche. Anyone with a preference for churches will not be disappointed with the Church of San José with its imposing towers.


… there are not many in Jesús María, but few are worth it. First and most important is the Natural History Museum, the Natural History Museum, which provides an overview of the flora and fauna of Peru. You will be amazed at how many scenic areas Peru has and what animals and plants are there or arise there in prehistoric times. We betrayed the latter: The saber-toothed tiger. The museum is also ideal for a visit with children.


Lima would not be Lima if there was a neighborhood where you can not eat. Because the local population also likes to eat outside the home occasionally. Especially the El Tarwi is recommended – simple decor, good food, based on the tradition of the city of Huaraz in the Andes. The recommendation: Guinea pig!


Jesús María is becoming more and more popular with the locals as a residential area, but also as a visitor you do not miss it. You will find Jesús María hotels of the low to mid price range, without which they would be unaffordable, and are in the middle of the action.

Jesús María district
Population: 74700
Area: 4,57 km²
Height: 103 m


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