Independencia district of Lima

Independencia poverty and economic recovery

Independencia – poverty and economic recovery

Districts of Lima: the district of Independence

In some districts of Lima one is lost as a tourist rather rarely. These include Independence. The district is located north of the central city, directly behind the hill, the limit of Lima to the northeast. Independencia is one of the economically prosperous districts of the capital.

Although it is still an area inhabited by the poor, this is evident in the houses built on the hillside. In the mid-twentieth century, many migrants from other parts of Peru came to Lima because they expected better life opportunities, then the houses were united in a district. It will take a while before the edge settlements reach economic prosperity, but when you get there you will discover a Lima that is off the beaten path.

Shopping in Independencia

One of the largest shopping centers in the north of Lima is the Mega Plaza Norte. About 300 stores offer everything your heart desires, or what you would like to take home. After all, it is part of holiday shopping, either because certain things like Kleindung are cheaper, or because there are not many things in the home. There are boutiques, a food court, cinemas and a gym. Another shopping center and the largest in Lima is the Plaza Norte.

This shopping center stands out for its 400 stores, and there are cinemas, theaters, various events and, of course, restaurants. In the large complex, whose patio is decorated with a fountain, there is also an amusement park, the Coney Park.


In addition to the restaurants in the shopping centers, the restaurants in Independencia are mainly located in the western part of the district, which has a good infrastructure. These are mainly Peruvian restaurants, but you can also find one or another international cuisine.

Hotels and Accommodation

In Independencia, the hotels focus mainly on the western part of the district, which has a very good infrastructure. They have a low price at mid-range. The districts of the city center with the places of interest are not too far away, so it is possible to get to them by taxi. There is also a bus station in the Plaza Norte shopping center.

Independencia district
Population: 14390
Area: 14,56 km²
Height: 130 m


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