Huacachina – an oasis in the middle of the Peruvian desert

About 300 km from the Peruvian capital and only five kilometers from the city of Ica, is the only true oasis of the two Americas: Huacachina. Surrounded by sand dunes up to 100 meters high, this lagoon offers a welcome respite and is one of the most popular destinations in the region.

Numerous legends surround the oasis. The best known is, without doubt, the story of the beautiful princess, who looked in the mirror in the desert. But suddenly he saw a pursuer in the mirror behind him and dropped the mirror to the ground in terror, where it shattered into a thousand pieces. These fragments became a lake and devoured the princess, who according to legend still lives as a mermaid in the lagoon. However, the reality is that the lagoon is fed by an underground river that carries water extremely rich in minerals. In the past, many visitors came here to cure physical conditions such as rheumatism or arthritis.

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