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    Aeropuerto Francisco Carlé en Jauja

Air traffic is increasingly important in Peru. This is mainly due to the fact that the need to travel is increasing, and other means of transport such as bus, train or car on sometimes very narrow roads often need a day to get from Lima to remote areas of the country. The place Jauja, to which the airport belongs, is located about 260 kilometers east of Lima in the Andes. One reason to fly to Jauja is to visit the Mantaro Valley, the city of Huancayo or other cities in the Central Sierra of Peru.

Attractions in the area

What almost nobody knows is that Jauja was the capital of Peru before Francisco Pizarro founded Lima. Of course, this era did not last long, but the city is still marked by colonial times, as can be seen in the Plaza de Armas. Jauja is especially famous for the market, which takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays. Near Jauja, in the Mantaro Valley, there is a lake called Laguna de Paca. With the mountain range in the background, the lake is a popular place among locals and foreign visitors. There are bathing beaches and the possibility of boat trips.

The city of Huancayo is 40 kilometers from Jauja. In addition to the views of the later colonial period, for example, the Capilla de la Merced, outside the city is the Cerrito de la Libertad mountain, which offers a beautiful view of the area. But not far away you will find the real highlight and the ideal place for trekking: Torre Tower, a landscape formed by limestone formations reminiscent of towers.

Information about Jauja airport

The airport is named after the Franciscan Francisco Carlé, who participated in the reconstruction of the Mother Church in Jauja. It is also used by the military for commercial purposes.

The airport of Jauja, in its current form, is a very young airport: it was renovated in 2016. Among other things, the runway was renovated and the passenger terminal was extended. Other construction measures are planned.

Today the airlines connect, Peruvian Airlines and LATAM, Jauja several times a day with Lima, tickets cost from 40 to 50 euros. From the Francisco Carlé airport, the best way to get to Jauja is by taxi, which costs around EUR 10. Buses to the surrounding cities leave from the bus station in the south of the city. It is also possible to arrive by taxi from the airport to Huancayo, this is relatively fast, but with around 50 EUR it is the most expensive travel option.

Francisco Carlé de Jauja Airport

Av Francisco Carle, Jauja
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