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shopping center in Peru Jockey Plaza

First shopping center in Peru: Jockey Plaza

It is worth taking a look at the new architecture and the function of some of the buildings, especially since a visit to Lima always points to the Baroque views of the time of the foundation. A trip through a foreign country, especially a large city, also includes shopping. After all, in a foreign country, you can stock up on things that are cheaper or in a different way than expected, or you can find what you do not buy at home.

The Jockey Plaza is the largest shopping center in Santiago de Surco, southeast of the city. The trip from downtown or Miraflores takes a bit, but it’s worth it. It is located in a property of Hipódromo de Monterrico and was named after him. Right next to it there is a crossroads of the main roads of Lima, Panamericana and Javier Prado avenue.

Already in 1997, the first stores of the Jockey Plaza were opened, but meanwhile, the shopping center has been extended several times. The building complex is designed to be friendly for visitors: the glass roofs let in a lot of light, in the courtyard there is a pool with fountains, the ideal place if you want to take a break between the incentives inside.

Everything your heart desires – and more

In addition to 380 shops that offer everything from clothing to jewelery to drugstore items, the building also houses two department stores, hypermarkets, 12 cinemas and a convention center. One wing of the mall houses stores with the leading brands of women’s and men’s and children’s fashion and sports shops. In the food court, which seats 1500 people, the visitors are well fed. There are pastry shops and ice cream parlors, Italian restaurants, fish and seafood dishes on the menu and, of course, plenty of restaurants offering typical Peruvian specialties. No matter if you want to eat a quick snack, or sit comfortably and chat while eating – here it is possible. The fact that the Jockey Plaza is popular, you quickly realize: The over 500 parking spaces hardly hold the amount of cars, if you want to enjoy a relaxed shopping experience, it is best to eat during the week. Family-friendly is the Jockey Plaza too. In Divercity, children can play their games while the adults do their shopping.

Jockey City: Internationally interesting commercial space in Lima

In fact, Jockey Plaza is not just the largest shopping mall in Lima, but the whole of Peru. In addition to the shopping, it is also a meeting place, also makes the proximity to the racetrack a part of the attraction. No wonder, then, that 24 million visitors visit the Jockey Plaza every year. In Lima there are several shopping centers trying to set themselves apart to stand up to the competition. The range of offers is one criterion, another size. That’s exactly how Jockey Plaza can score. The location on the outskirts has the advantage that there is still room for expansion. Of course, this also attracts foreign investors. For some years, the area has been expanded to include office space and hotels, which proves the sum of 200 million US dollars: it is serious. So the area with the shopping center is slowly becoming a small town in the city – Jockey City.

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