Family Art: The Museo Pedro de Osma

The art collector Pedro de Osma

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    Family Art: The Museo Pedro de Osma

Pedro de Osma lived from 1901 to 1967 and was a private collector specializing in Peruvian art from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. The growing collection led him to exhibit at his home.

Today it is said that the museum houses the best collection of paintings from Peru. A reason to be curious and visit the museum in the old collector’s house in Barranco. Although the collection consists largely of Peruvian art, it also includes some international works, for example from Spain, Germany or Italy.

Later, the museum was added to the José Ignacio Lambarri collection, an extension of Peru’s distant past. The museum demonstrates the important role that collectors and private investigators play in preserving the testimonies of past cultures; if they were not, we could not immerse ourselves in the lives of the people of yesteryear.

The painting collection of the Museo Pedro de Osma

Among the paintings of the Pedro de Osma Museum are among other works of the sixteenth century, the time when the Spanish, with the help of art, tried to convert the indigenous to their faith.

These include, above all, religious scenes. Especially in this regard, the school in Cuzco should be noted. The art of this region was inspired by imported European styles, as well as the traditions of the indigenous peoples of Peru. With the republican period also the social scenes, the portraits and the representations of the landscape found the entrance to the painting.

Sculptures, metal crafts and antique furniture

As impressive as the painting exhibition is the museum’s collection of sculptures. There are works of different materials such as wood, stone and ivory, in addition to two altars.

In addition to these pieces, the collection shines with metal works of art. Silver chalices for religious use and filigree figures are among the most prominent. This showroom is unique in Lima.

But the Museum of Pedro de Osma is not limited to works of pure art. The antique furniture gives an idea of the conditions of the social class better in Peru. There are chests and cabinets from the colonial era, all beautifully decorated and elaborately finished. Valuable books and textiles complete the collection.

Museo Pedro de Osma

Pedro de Osma 421, Barranco
Opening Hour:
Mo. – So. 10:00 – 18:00

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