Dédalo in Barranco: souvenirs with a difference

Modern handicrafts from Peru with the right pinch of originality

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Each country has its specialties. They can be landscaping, culinary, artistic or even artisanal. A place where the latter is presented is Dédalo, a gallery store that aims to present a different kind of craftsmanship than any other person in Peru knows. One moves away from the Andean motifs and textiles, which are obtained in stores throughout Peru. The Dédalo is about contemporary design and about the promotion of young artists, but traditional crafts are not forgotten. Did you get curious? head to Chorrillos or Barranco and check out Daedalus.

Build a business model

The name Daedalus is well chosen for the company. After all, yes, the inventor and artist Daedalus in Greek mythology with his construction of the invented car had already left the island of Crete, where he was imprisoned. The couple María Elena and Enrique also seem to have made the flight, the business model of the family business is extensive: visitors should experience a new facet of Peruvian craftsmanship and design, and should not be encouraged to buy, but to feel Well, enjoy and pass the time. Not only the complete house in Barranco shows that the idea was successful, also, there is a small store in the Larcomar Shopping Center, which contains a selection of pieces.

Gallery, cafe and shop

In order to offer visitors a complete experience, a part of the white colonial building in Barranco has been prepared as a gallery, where young and renowned artists exhibit their works, the exhibition changes every three weeks. There are also rooms dedicated to contemporary Peruvian designers.

There are rooms with themed decoration that contain glass, wood and metal objects, including pure ornamental objects and everyday objects. Teapots, cups and ceramic accessories for the garden are missing, as well as a children’s department, which includes clothing, toys made of cloth, wood and books.

The jewelry section presents pieces from various jewelers. The choice is so great that you will probably find it difficult to decide, but that is what you want. And some things are so peculiar that you must first discover their function. The house is a treasure of beautiful and original things. If you have enough navigation, you can have a coffee on the terrace in the enchanted garden under leafy trees, and if you want to buy something, you can of course do it. A small tip: on Wednesday nights there is live music and pizza in Daedalus.

Dédalo Barranco

Jirón Sáenz Peña 295, Barranco 15063

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