Culinary Adventure – The Healing Power of Peru’s Superfoods

Peru is not only known for its wonderful landscape, but also has a lot to offer on the culinary side. Many of our foods, known as “superfoods,” come from tropical regions, because the soil is particularly nutritious and the humidity supports plant growth. Although Peru has a very different climate in the different regions, the Andean state is due to its rainforest the origin of many different plants, which are known worldwide for their positive effects on the body. We show you the best superfoods from Peru!


Everyone knows quinoa, but only some people know where the pseudo grain comes from. Besides Peru, the gold of the Inca only grows in Bolivia and Ecuador. Quinoa is one of the best sources of vegetable proteins and provides a lot of iron, which makes it an excellent substitute for meat, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Quinoa is also rich in manganese and copper, which can fight free radicals and prevent cancer. Our bones are also strengthened with manganese and regenerate faster after injuries. But that is not all! Quinoa should also improve mood and help against migraines. Even people allergic to gluten can be happy, because quinoa is the perfect alternative to the grain. Quinoa can call itself a superfood!