Contemporary Art in the Museo de Mario Testino

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    Contemporary Art in the Museo de Mario Testino

MATE – the abbreviation stands for Museo de Mario Testino. The many Museen in Lima cover all sorts of areas of Peruvian art and culture, mainly those of pre-Columbian times and the epochs after the Spanish immigration.

MATE was founded in 2012 and specializes in a newer art direction: photography. Named after the Peruvian photographer Mario Testino.

The museum is located in the Barranco district, Limas Artists’ Quarter, in a restored 19th-century mansion. This place is perfect, mixing old and new, historic bourgeois architecture and contemporary artistic technique.

The fashion photographer Mario Testino

Mario Testino’s work focuses mainly on fashion. His paintings have appeared in major fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair or Vogue, brands such as Gucci and Versace hired the photographer to show their designs from their best side.

The fact that the representation of textiles is a special art is quickly evident here. In addition to the photographs of various creative periods of the artist shows a video installation of its operation.

The exhibition rooms are designed thematically. Particularly worth seeing is the Alta Moda photo series, which represents the inhabitants of the Andes in their traditional costumes. The series was created during a project in which the photographer explored the traditions of Peru and the history of photography.

But Mario Testino is also interested in the present. One room is dedicated to the late Princess Diana, who photographed the photographer in 1997 for the fashion magazine Vanity Fair. In addition, a reproduction of the dress to see that she used for the occasion. The photographs have a historical value: they are the last official portraits before Diana’s death.

Internationally recognized collection of contemporary photography

In addition to the works of Mario Testino, the museum shows photographs of other Peruvian artists. According to the director of the museum, his goal is to make the photography scene of Peru internationally known by exhibiting the best works of contemporary art.

In addition, there are workshops for young people who teach the techniques of photography. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum hosts changing exhibitions.

Definitely worth a visit, whether for photography lovers or those interested in how historic buildings are used in the present.

Museo de Mario Testino

Av. Pedro de Osma 409, Barranco
Opening Hour:
Mo. – So. 10:00 – 19:00 – Website

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