Chimbote – the largest fishing village in Peru

Chimbote – Perus „größtes Fischerdorf“The most important thing in Chimbote is its port, and also its origin. The relatively young city (it was officially founded in 1906) focuses almost exclusively on fishing and the related processing industry. Almost 70% of the fishing industry is here, and you can see it everywhere. But even if Chimbote is just a stop on the road from Lima to Trujillo, there are some beautiful beaches, the nearby Isla Blanca and an idea of “the normal life of Peru”.

The city on the shores of the sea

One thing in advance: Yes, Chimbote is full of fish factories and if the wind is unfavorable (fortunately it rarely happens), there is a strange smell in the air. But right on the water, where most of the city’s sights are located, you do not get much of everything. There is Boulevard Isla Blanca with its artfully crafted marble statues and lovingly designed fountains. Here you can have a wonderful walk and, above all, of course, the food and at any time of the day or night.

Not far from the center there are some beaches where you can spend a relaxing day working on your tan. The four most popular beaches are Caleta Colorada Beach, Los Chimus Beach, Vesique Beach and El Dorado Beach. All are located a few minutes by taxi and offer beachfront restaurants and all kinds of water sports.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Carmen and San Pedro is an imposing church surrounded by a beautiful forecourt and magnificent gardens in the center of the city. With its two towers and its impressive façade, it is definitely a spectacle and probably the most photographed building in Chimbote.