Cercado de Lima: the oldest neighborhood in Lima

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  • Cercado de Lima

    Cercado de Lima: the oldest neighborhood in Lima

Cercado de Lima is the oldest district of Lima. And not only that, part of the Cercado de Lima is the historic center of the city, where once the founder of the city, Francisco Pizarro, placed the first stone of the cathedral, which dominates the main square, the Plaza Mayor. Lima travelers will inevitably be attracted to this area, as the places of interest are among the most important in the city. Cercado de Lima attracts mainly with buildings from the colonial era. Magnificent balconies decorate the old mansions, which adorn the streets between the newer buildings. In addition to the cathedral and the episcopal palace next door, the Plaza Mayor is surrounded by other important buildings: the Government Palace, the City Palace where the administration of the city still operates today. But not only the architectural views attract visitors. Numerous museums, churches and monasteries give Cercado de Lima its face and style.

Places of interest and activities

The list of attractions in Cercado de Lima is too long to be reproduced completely. Therefore, at this point the places must be described, which one must have simply seen. First is the oldest house in Lima, the Casa de Aliaga. It has been the home of the Aliaga family for 17 generations, one of the ancestors had personally obtained the land of Pizarro for his loyal service. Here you can get an impression of the style of furniture and architecture of the colonial era. Among the monasteries especially San Francisco is worth seeing. The church is an absolute jewel with its portal made of detailed granite, but the peculiarity of the place is underneath the monasteries: the catacombs. Although it may sound strange before Lima had a cemetery, the dead were buried in catacombs beneath the monastery. This is a terrifying aesthetic at its best. If you enjoy a beautiful view of Lima or want to experience something special at night, go to the Alameda Chabuca Granda. Located just behind the government palace on the Rímac River, it is as popular with locals as it is with tourists, as it hosts a varied cultural program with dance shows, criollo music and cabaret, which is offered day and night . Your culinary curiosity is also satisfied there: a market offers Peruvian specialties that you can try on your walk.

Restaurants and nightlife

When museums and monasteries have closed, the legitimate question arises: what now? In addition to the historical attractions, the ideal center of Lima also has much to offer in terms of nightlife and culinary experiences. Restaurants that serve traditional Peruvian cuisine are available in practically every corner. For example, you can dine at the Mirador de Chabuca, from the balcony with views of the local mountain of Limas, Cerro San Cristóbal. So, visit one of the bars? Why not.

Museums and galleries

Anyone interested in the history of Lima, the Cercado de Lima is the right place. Because here are the museums and galleries that contain the past of Lima, but also the art museums. One of them and one of the most visited museums in Lima is the Museum of the Inquisition and the Congress. In the rooms you will find a strange mixture of torture chambers and sumptuously furnished meeting rooms. On the contrary, the less macabre attend the gallery of the Municipal Palace of the Plaza Mayor, where some 600 works of the most important Peruvian artists of the last two centuries are exhibited. But maybe you do not want to spend the whole day indoors. Then it only goes through the Exhibition Park. There you can take a walk through the gardens, admire the buildings that are exhibited and, for the more thirsty, stand on the grounds of the Palace of the Exhibition, where the oldest art museum in Lima, Mali, is waiting.

Hotels and accommodation

Staying in the center of Lima has an advantage: the main attractions are not far away. However, the hotel offer is not as big as in other parts of the city. The apartments are many. The prices are moderate, so it’s worth it. And finally, there are many ways to get around on day trips to other neighborhoods or to the sea using public transportation.

District of Cercado de Lima

Population: 289855
Area: 21,88 km²

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